Useful properties of bell pepper, a real storehouse for vitamins

Useful properties of bell pepper, a real storehouse for vitamins

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Fresh and incredibly tasty Bulgarian pepper has a lot of useful properties. Want to keep your body healthy and boost your immune system? Fresh "Bulgarian" can do it!


  • What vitamins is the vegetable rich in?
  • Useful properties of a delicious vegetable
  • Interesting to know: how to choose the most delicious and healthy Bulgarian pepper?

What vitamins is the vegetable rich in?

Bell pepper must be present on the table for every person. Daily consumption of this food product will enrich your body with a daily dose of ascorbic acid and vitamin A. Today, many people have appreciated this product, and its crunchy and aromatic slices are to the taste of both adults and children.

On the shelves of shops you can find several "types" of bell peppers - they differ not only in color, but also in taste. Yellow and red peppers are great to diversify fresh salads, you can use it separately, this will not change its taste. The green vegetable is most often covered and added during the preparation of aromatic dishes.

Bulgarian before a completely nutritious vegetable. Lovers of proper nutrition probably know that 100 grams of the product contains only 30 calories. Pepper is rich in proteins, their whole 1.5 grams and carbohydrates, their nutritionists have about 5 grams. The composition of a fresh vegetable contains vitamins:

  • C
  • A
  • K
  • P
  • B (B1, B2, B5, B6)

Few people know, but according to the content of ascorbic acid, fresh "Bulgar" is not inferior to black currants and citrus fruits. What's the conclusion? Bulgarian before can and should be used by people during the period of "seasonal exacerbation". In addition to vitamins, pepper contains a huge amount of trace elements, among which deserve special attention: zinc, magnesium, potassium, fluorine and selenium.

This is a real storehouse of useful vitamins and minerals, and most importantly, it is available to everyone. So, bell pepper is a vegetable that belongs to the Solanaceae family. The fruits of this vegetable can be very diverse, but we most often have red, green and yellow vegetables. The pepper's taste is fresh, slightly sweet and bitter. The vegetable is widely used in cooking: it is pickled and also consumed fresh.

Useful properties of a delicious vegetable

In addition to the fact that the amazing composition of bell pepper has a positive effect on strengthening the immune system, the vegetable also has a number of other equally useful medicinal properties that will saturate the body with energy and give it vigor. Useful properties of bell pepper:

  • scientists have found that regular consumption of this vegetable protects the body from the onset of cancer
  • positively "fragrant Bulgarian" affects the work of the cardiovascular system - strengthens blood vessels, thinns blood, improves the composition of plasma
  • pepper actively fights cholesterol deposition, improves the work of the cardiovascular system, removes toxins
  • improves appetite
  • 50 grams of fresh peppers are just shown if you are suffering from excessive emotional stress. Pepper will help relieve nervous tension, relieve depression and apathy
  • doctors recommend including the vegetable in the diet of people with diabetes
  • the vegetable is also useful for elderly people - it helps to improve vision and memory
  • the fairer sex use bell pepper to strengthen nails and hair
  • an indispensable vegetable in cosmetology - nourishing and toning face masks are made from the product

Delicious and healthy Bulgarian pepper:

However, remember that no matter how useful this amazing product is, it also has some contraindications. So, from the excessive use of bell pepper, people will have to give up:

  • who have recently undergone surgery
  • suffering from diseases of the urinary system
  • suffering from hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, diseases of the duodenum
  • with high blood pressure

Individual intolerance to this product is also a contraindication to use. In case of rash, red rashes and shortness of breath, contact your allergist.

Bell pepper is a real vitamin bomb that will charge the body with a list of useful vitamins and minerals. Daily use of this product will bring many benefits to children, elderly people, as well as all lovers of proper nutrition. But do not forget about some contraindications that will save you from possible negative consequences.

Interesting to know: how to choose the most delicious and healthy Bulgarian pepper?

In order for sweet peppers to benefit and delight the taste buds with excellent taste and freshness, you need to learn how to choose this amazing vegetable correctly. Which pepper shouldn't you take? Discard the vegetable in a dot. Pepper with a black dot will not only not stay in refrigerators for a long time, but will delight you with its freshness and crispy shell. You should not take a pepper whose stalk has wilted. Most likely, the vegetable has been lying on the vegetable shelf for a long time.

Give up the "fresh Bulgarian" with a shriveled crust - it has lost its useful properties, and is not of any use. Store bell peppers in a cool, dark place. Modern refrigerators have a special shelf for fruits and vegetables; it is more expedient to place the product there. Place the pepper in a separate bag first.

Remember, before eating a vegetable, you need to wash it thoroughly. So you can get rid of 15-20% of harmful pesticides that pose a latent threat to our body.

Experts also recommend soaking the product in salt water - this is the best way to kill bacteria and germs. Red, green, yellow - no matter which color you prefer, as each of the species carries a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. Proper nutrition is the key to good health. Refill your diet with delicious and healthy vegetables!

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