Lobelia: growing, care, reproduction

Lobelia: growing, care, reproduction

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Lobelia is an annual plant that has a decorative appearance. If properly cared for this plant, then it will be decorated with a large number of lobelia flowers. Growing it is not difficult, the main thing is to know the basic rules.


  • Sowing lobelia
  • Seedling care problems
  • Disease protection and reproduction
  • Transplantation and further care of the plant

Sowing lobelia

Sowing lobelia seeds is a lot of hassle as it can be compared to jewelry work. This is due to the fact that the seeds are small enough to resemble dust. There are different packages of such planting material on sale. If a person is still a beginner, he has never been involved in growing lobelia before, then it is better to purchase seeds that are in granules. Several seeds were placed in one pellet. Later, a group of plants will appear from it.

Experienced gardeners initially mix seeds with sand. This must be done carefully. After that, they plant the mixture in the soil. To get seedlings, planting seeds should be done in late January or early February. If you perform this procedure in April, then the plant will delight you with its flowers much later. For planting, you should choose a suitable soil. Better to get a special soil for flowers. It should be light and loose. Before planting, the soil should be well moistened with warm water.

Better to choose shallow containers. To place small seeds in the ground, you can use a toothpick, which must be moistened first.

Seeds should not be covered with soil. So that the earth does not dry out and the temperature is stable, the containers are covered with glass or foil. But mold can develop, so it is recommended to ventilate the pallets several times a day. The seeds planted must be watched. The appearance of condensation will negatively affect, since large drops can deepen the seeds into the soil, from which it is much more difficult for them to germinate. Seedlings should appear in 3-6 days. Watering deserves special attention. Seedlings need to be watered carefully. This is due to the fact that they are very small and delicate. For this, it is better to use a small spoon or syringe.

Seedling care problems

The most important problem that a person can face when growing seedlings is the water regime. If there is a lot of moisture, then mold will appear on the stems of the plant. If the lobelia dries up, then its foliage will begin to curl.

Problems can arise if the plant does not have enough light. This will cause the shoots to stretch out. Therefore, if the seedlings are grown in a place that is poorly illuminated by the sun, additional lighting should be made. Particular attention should be paid to feeding. You should not do this procedure when the sprouts are very small. At the initial stage of plant development, feeding can be harmful. It is better to apply fertilizers already in the open field or in containers where lobelia is planned to be grown.

It is also important to remember that the seeds do not need to be covered with soil when planting. Otherwise, seedlings may not appear, since from the first days the lobelia needs lighting. At this stage of development, you need to properly water the plant, as the water jet can wash away small shoots, so they will die. Lobelia loves moisture, but excessive watering can cause blackleg disease.

Disease protection and reproduction

So, the main enemy of lobelia is black leg disease. It is provoked by non-disinfected containers, frequent watering. When this disease occurs, the sprouts begin to fall to the ground. In this case, the following measures should be taken:

  • Eliminate the affected sprouts, they can no longer be saved
  • Stop watering until the soil is completely dry
  • Add sand at the base of the stem
  • Treat the soil with a weak solution of potassium permanganate

Lobelia is propagated using seeds. But, if you wish, you can transplant one strong plant into a container in winter and move it indoors. In the spring, it is cut into the required number of cuttings. After that, they need to be rooted, and then planted in the ground. If you follow all these simple rules, all summer lobelia will delight with its flowers. But it is easy to grow and care for her.

Transplantation and further care of the plant

When the first leaves appeared, then a dive should be carried out. Fragile seedlings need to be transplanted into plastic containers. They are also planted in groups. Lobelia care is simple. She does not like drying out of the soil. If you water the plant poorly, it will quickly die. The first sign of moisture deficiency is twisted leaves. It is recommended to water in the morning and evening every day. You shouldn't forget about it especially in hot weather. If the plant isn't given proper watering, it won't even bloom.

Lobelia practically does not succumb to diseases. The only thing that can destroy it is improper watering, since it is not necessary to moisturize the plant too much. When the frosts are over, then you can start planting seedlings in open ground. They are placed in the ground in groups, as in a dive. Lobelia pleases with its flowers until mid-autumn. It is a wonderful decoration for a garden or balcony. At the same time, it is recommended to start early seedlings. This will extend the flowering period.

In order to have a lot of flowers, and lobelia to develop normally, it is recommended to fertilize several times during the summer. To form a whole cap of inflorescences, you need to pinch the plant. This is a simple procedure. When the shoots reach the required length, then you need to pinch off an inch of the sprout. This will prevent long branches from spawning. This procedure is not performed for ampel varieties.

If lobelia is grown in flowerpots, then you should pay attention to the water that can accumulate at the bottom of the container. This can cause the roots to rot. There should be holes in the bottom of the flowerpot so that excess liquid disappears. But then you need to increase watering. If the foliage darkens, this means that the lobelia is overheating in the sun, and this will quickly dry out the earth. Therefore, it is necessary to increase watering in such cases. But it is better to hide the plant from the direct rays of the sun.

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