Pink tomatoes: popular varieties for greenhouses and open field

Pink tomatoes: popular varieties for greenhouses and open field

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Pink tomatoes are the most common variety among gardeners among many other varieties. Pink tomato varieties can be grown both in the greenhouse and outdoors.


  • Varieties of pink tomatoes: the most popular
  • Varieties for open ground and greenhouses
  • Features of growing pink tomatoes

Varieties of pink tomatoes: the most popular

Early varieties ripen within 90-100 days. The most common are:
Arctic. A very early variety of tomatoes. About 40 cm high. The leaves are small, light green in color. Small fruits of a rounded shape. When ripe, they turn pink. This variety is unpretentious in care and is characterized by super ripeness.

Pink honey. The plant is about 80 cm long. Large-fruited tomatoes, weight up to 600 g. The plant is quite resistant to various diseases. Dawn Rose. The variety is tall. Large tomatoes have a rounded shape and small ribs, slightly flat, weighing about 400-600 g.

Tsunami. Refers to a mid-early variety. Determinant plant bushes. The fruit is fleshy, crimson in color, weighing about 200 g. Early love. The height of the determinant bush is about 70 cm.The tomatoes are round, slightly flattened, weighing about 300-400 g.

Common medium varieties are:

  1. The giant Novikov. The variety is classified as an indeterminate type. Tomatoes are flat and round in shape, the flesh is juicy and tender. Fruit weight is 400-700 g.
  2. Ballerina. This variety is of medium ripeness and belongs to the indeterminate species. 6-8 fruits are harvested from one brush. The tomatoes are pear-shaped, smooth. The weight of the fruit is small and is only 40-50 g.
  3. Pink flamingo. Hybrid. Oblong tomatoes, weighing 100-200 g, resemble plums in shape.
  4. Late varieties of pink tomatoes include:
  5. Sugar bison. The variety is of an indeterminate type. The plant is tall, it can be 1.8 meters in length. Tomatoes have an original heart-shaped shape. The mass of the sugar bison is 200-300 g.
  6. De Barao is pink. This variety is medium-sized and belongs to the indeterminate type. The fruit has an oval smooth shape. The weight of the fruit is small, it is only 50-70 g. It is recommended to grow in a greenhouse.
  7. Abakan pink. High-yielding determinant plant. Tomatoes grow flat and slightly ribbed. Tomato weight 400-500 g.

Varieties for open ground and greenhouses

Before growing tomatoes, you should decide on a planting site. Depending on the growing location, you should choose a tomato variety.

Daddy. A versatile variety that needs to be tied to a support. Early maturing plant of indeterminate type. The fruits are juicy, in appearance they resemble a heart. The weight of one tomato is 150-200 g. Pink rookie. A mid-season variety that is best used for outdoor use. Fruits are elongated. 5-6 tomatoes are tied on one brush. Its weight does not exceed 110 g.

Pink stele. The plant belongs to the determinant type. Ripe cylindrical tomatoes, raspberry. The mass of a tomato is 100-120 g. It is grown in an open area. Petrusha is a gardener. Differs in average ripeness and is intended for planting outdoors.

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Refers to the determinant type. Cylindrical tomatoes with a pointed end of raspberry color. One fruit does not exceed 180 Demidov. Medium ripeness variety. The variety is erect, undersized. The ripe fruit is medium-silvery, bright pink and round in shape. Fruit weight reaches 120 g. Main advantages: yield, good appearance and taste. Even with possible temperature fluctuations, the fruits set well.

Pink cheeks. The variety is determinant and versatile, they can be grown both in open and closed ground. Up to 6 fruits can be harvested from one brush. Elongated oval tomatoes. The weight of a tomato is from 200 to 300 g. It can be used for canning.

Pink heart. Belong to the indeterminate type. It can reach a height of up to 2 meters. Ripe fruits are heart-shaped, of medium density. The mass of one tomato can be up to 300-400 g. It is used for growing in greenhouses. This variety is best consumed fresh. Many people use it to make juice.

Andromeda is pink. Early maturing determinant hybrid. Tomatoes are flat and round in shape, dense, slightly ribbed. The weight of a tomato is 60-90 g. The main advantages of this fruit are: resistance to various diseases, heat resistance.

Features of growing pink tomatoes

Most pink tomatoes differ from red ones in their high content of nutrients. Therefore, they require abundant watering and feeding. The soil when growing such tomatoes should be well and evenly moistened. After a drought, in order to avoid excessive dampness, it is not recommended to water the plant abundantly. This can lead to cracking of the fruit, as a result of which they lose their marketable appearance.

When growing, the soil should be evenly moistened, since with a lack of moisture they are affected by rot. Pink tomatoes are more likely than other varieties to suffer from late blight. To prevent its appearance, it is necessary to improve the soil before planting.

In order for the pollen and ovary to form well, the plant should be lightly sprayed with water during flowering. During this period, it is advisable to add top dressing for tomatoes. They use mainly complex fertilizer.

The fruits must receive sufficient sunlight. Fertilizer should be applied at an early stage of fruit development. Then you need to take a break before the formation of the ovary. Tall plants should be tied to a support. You need to plant 2-3 plants per square meter. Do not forget about pinching, loosening and feeding tomatoes.

It should be remembered that the success of growing tomatoes depends not only on the variety, but also on the conditions, as well as on the degree of care. A certain variety can show itself in different ways. When grown correctly, pink tomatoes will delight you with an abundance of crops.

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