How should gladioli be stored in winter?

How should gladioli be stored in winter?

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If a person grows gladioli in his garden, he needs to know some rules regarding their storage in the winter. It is impossible to simply leave the bulbs in the ground, as this will lead to their death. But improper storage can lead to this. Therefore, it is important to know how to store gladioli in winter.


  • Preparing the bulbs
  • Storing gladioli in an apartment
  • Can gladioli be stored in a warm place?
  • Some more storage tips
  • Potential pests, protection against them

Preparing the bulbs

Initially, you should start preparing the bulbs. To do this, they should be dug out of the ground. This should be done at different times, it depends on the climate, the period of cut flowers. If gladioli are grown closer to the south, then you can dig up the bulbs in October. But this procedure should be done only when at least a month has passed after cutting the flowers. For this reason, do not delay the time of cutting the inflorescences. After that, you should check the soil, as children may remain in it. Don't throw them away. Next, the stem of the gladiolus is cut, the bulbs are processed, it is important to know how the primary processing of the bulbs is carried out. It consists of 2 stages:

  1. First step. The bulbs are washed. To protect them from diseases, they are dipped in a solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes.
  2. Second phase. Dry the bulbs. When they have been well rinsed, leave them to dry. If this is not done, then rotting of the bulbs can occur.

After the work done, you can start sorting the seed. They are divided into groups by size. It is generally accepted that there should be 6 of them. But many gardeners divide seeds into large bulbs and babies. But sorting does not affect their storage in winter.

Storing gladioli in an apartment

After thoroughly drying the bulbs, create storage conditions. They are placed in cardboard boxes, in which holes are initially made. You can also place the seed in nets, which are designed for storing vegetables. The tubers should be kept in a cool place, which can often be a problem if an apartment has been chosen for storage. Gardeners do not recommend placing bulbs in the refrigerator. This can lead to the growth of long roots, which is bad for the plant. It is recommended to leave the bulbs on the unheated balcony of the loggia.

Can gladioli be stored in a warm place?

If the search for a cool storage space is unsuccessful, then you can leave the bulbs at room temperature. But in this case, you will have to tinker with them. Small bulbs can dry out. To prevent this from happening, they are folded into paper bags. You can also wrap them in newspaper. But initially the varieties of gladioli should be signed. Bulbs that are large will have to be reviewed regularly. If rot has been noticed, then the bulb is removed. If the seed is a little damp, then it should be dried a little.

Bulbs need special care especially in the middle of winter. At this time, in gladioli, the rest period is coming to an end. This can provoke the germination of the bulbs. If this happens, then you need to provide the gladioli with good diffused lighting. By the beginning of spring, the shoots reach 15 centimeters. They turn green or reddish. In this form, gladioli are left until the time of planting.

Some more storage tips

There are some rules for storing gladioli in winter. Also, each person has the right to independently decide in what way to save the bulbs. They can be folded into a cardboard box. The main thing is not to forget to make holes. A wooden box is also suitable, since there are already gaps between the boards. In the place where gladioli are stored, there must be a certain temperature. Ideally, 3-8 degrees is suitable for this.

Therefore, it is not forbidden to leave the bulbs in the refrigerator. Gladioli are well preserved in a cellar or basement. But do not forget that in any case, the bulbs should be revised, as they can rot if there is an excess of moisture.

Some people put the seed in polyethylene bags. This is a big mistake, it is impossible to store bulbs in this way. Air will not penetrate through the bag, so the tubers will not be able to survive until spring. When the bulbs have begun to sprout, the way they are stored should be changed. A dark place will no longer work.

Potential pests, protection against them

There are some pests that can attack the plant. Leaving the bulbs in a warm place further increases the risk of disease. The most dangerous pests for gladiolus are thrips. For them, room temperature is ideal for breeding. This will lead to the fact that by the spring the seed material is very dry.

But bulbs can be protected from such pests. To do this, you need to treat them with a special powder. Many growers who grow different flowers claim that a cockroach control agent is also suitable for this. So, in order for the gladiolus bulbs to survive until spring, different rules should be taken into account. If all the necessary conditions are created, then the tubers will lie quietly in winter.

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