Perennial plants: examples and descriptions

Often, to decorate the garden, the territory of the cottage, perennial plants are used, examples of which can be listed for a long time. They have become popular as they do not need to be planted every year. They will delight for many years, and for this it is enough to plant a perennial once.


  • Plants that bloom beautifully
  • Climbing and climbing plants
  • Plants with original foliage
  • Ornamental grass

Plants that bloom beautifully

Often perennials are used to decorate the dacha territory, which bloom beautifully. Some delight with their inflorescences in the spring, while others - in the summer or autumn. Gardeners choose several types to create an original composition.

There are some plants that bloom in spring:

  1. Irises. They easily tolerate cold and drought, do not require strong maintenance. Inflorescences appear in May or June. They come in a variety of colors, but the most popular varieties are yellow, purple, or blue.
  2. Crocuses. The most attractive are the Dutch views. It is a bulbous perennial that loves shade, so it is recommended to plant them near trees or bushes. Inflorescences are white, yellow, blue.
  3. Primroses. They bloom very beautifully. Already in April, the first flowers of primroses appear. After a while, they can bloom again.
  4. Tulips. Every person knows such flowers. There is a huge number of their species. Red or yellow tulips are more common.
  5. To decorate the garden with flowers in summer, you should plant the following plants:
  6. Lilies. This flower loves the sun, but can also tolerate partial shade.
  7. Peonies. This is an unpretentious plant, inflorescences appear in June. For 10 years, peonies can grow in one place.
  8. Bells. They develop well on poor soils and do not require special care. But the bells can start to die if the water stagnates. It is recommended to plant the plant in higher elevations.

In addition to these flowers, gardeners are advised to plant chamomile, marigolds, cornflowers and other plants in the garden. So that in the autumn period the territory of the dacha is blooming, then the following plants should be planted:

  1. Gladioli. They have an extraordinary appearance. They have become very popular, but they do not bloom for long. Flowers can often appear as early as August. You don't need special care for gladioli.
  2. Chrysanthemums. It is recommended to plant them in sunny places. They develop and grow rapidly. Many of its species bloom in September.
  3. Dahlias. This plant loves shade, stands out for its special beauty. There are varieties that have double inflorescences. They look especially impressive.

Climbing and climbing plants

Climbing plants are often planted by summer residents to decorate their site. They will look beautiful near fences, gazebos, houses.

Grapes. This plant loves shade, has large green foliage. It grows quickly enough, braiding the territory around itself. In the autumn, the foliage is painted in a burgundy shade. In addition, it produces fruits that many people love very much. Actinidia. This plant twists, growing up to 15 meters in length.

It blooms beautifully, bears delicious fruits. In the fall, the leaves of actinidia turn yellow, pink or reddish.

Clematis. This vine grows very large flowers. Moreover, there are a lot of them, about 500 pieces of inflorescences appear on one stem. The plant blooms for 3 months. This is a bright vine, which many people grow in their summer cottages. Such climbing perennials do not need special care. The main thing is to devote time to timely pruning. If this is not done, then, for example, the gazebo they are braiding will not look very nice and neat.

Plants with original foliage

These plants are recommended to be planted near those varieties that bloom beautifully. This will allow you to create a composition with a finished look. Here is a list of some of the popular types:

  1. Sedum. There are many varieties of this plant. Inflorescences can be white, purple, yellow. A huge plus is that you do not need to carefully care for the stonecrop. This plant grows rapidly to form a lush carpet.
  2. Host. The foliage of this plant is long, beautiful and with a pointed end. The color is varied.
  3. Cleaner. The leaves of this plant are green with an ash tint.

Ornamental grass

Ornamental grass is recommended to be planted on alpine slides. She has become quite popular recently. Summer residents often choose the following types.

Gray fescue. The foliage of this herb has a bluish tint. Veinik. Drought tolerant. There is more than one type of this plant. The empire is cylindrical. This herb is green with a red tint. But you should be careful about watering.

So there are many perennial plants. And this is not their entire list. To create a beautiful composition, it is recommended to combine different perennials with each other.

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