Bordeaux liquid: features of application and preparation

Bordeaux liquid: features of application and preparation

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Bordeaux liquid is a chemical that has worked well in the fight against a variety of fungal diseases in garden plants.

If the dosage is taken into account correctly, then the drug will not harm either plants or people, while it will kill fungus and late blight on plants.


  • General information
  • Preparation of the mixture
  • Application features

General information

Many gardeners are faced with the problem of the appearance of a fungal disease in planted plants.

This leads to the fact that the entire crop is lost, and the garden culture dies. For this reason, many people go to stores to purchase a popular remedy called Bordeaux fluid, which requires some knowledge to apply.

This drug shows excellent effect, while it is inexpensive. You can quickly make the required liquid.

It is best to treat plants with this remedy in the spring, this gives the highest result. It is recommended to spray in early spring and during the growing season.

In summer, it is also not forbidden to treat garden crops with a solution, but do not forget that it is a chemical substance, so it can be dangerous not only for the plant, but also for the person who is spraying. Do not abuse the drug.

For example, the last time apples, pears and other trees should be processed a month before harvest, and vegetables - half a month before.

With the help of Bordeaux liquid, copper ions act on fungi and pests. The tool can be used to treat not only trees, but also flowers.

It was noticed that the mixture effectively fights a variety of harmful insects, removes them and protects the plant.

If you use a solution of copper sulfate, you can see a better effect, but the plant itself will die from it.

Mixing rules

It is also important to properly prepare the mixture so as not to harm your own body. To do this, you need to adhere to the following rules:

  1. During preparation, use gloves, wear a respirator, protective clothing
  2. It is forbidden to smoke, drink, eat food between the processing of horticultural crops
  3. Do not spray near vegetables that will soon be harvested
  4. Before consuming the fruits, they should be washed well.
  5. But you need to understand that during processing, aerosol particles fly over a large area. Therefore, the liquid is capable of reaching distant places.

Preparation of the mixture

It is not difficult to prepare Bordeaux liquid. To do this, you should adhere to this scheme and perform several actions.

Weighed portions of quicklime and copper sulfate should be dissolved in water. It should be hot.

The mixture should be stirred. You cannot use plastic containers for this, as they will simply melt. It is also impossible to dissolve copper sulfate in metal buckets.

After that, the solutions should be diluted with water. You need to take it up to 5 liters. The mixture with copper sulfate is poured slowly into the mixture with lime.

The result should be a blue solution. To find out if garden crops can be treated with a mixture, you should use litmus paper, which measures pH.

If, as a result, it is found that the environment is highly acidic, then you need to add more lime solution.

Cooking Bordeaux liquid on video:

The drug will be ready-made if the medium is alkaline or neutral, so you need to check the acidity level of the solution. If litmus paper is placed in a neutral environment, it will not change color, in acidic it will become crimson, and in alkaline it will acquire a blue tint.

When the product is ready, you need to start using it right away. It is forbidden to leave the mixture to infuse, from this it can deteriorate. So that it does not lose its properties, it must be stirred periodically.

If the solution is stored for a long time, the hydroxide particles will begin to stick together, and this will lead to the fact that they will clog in the sprayer. If you want to keep the Bordeaux liquid for several days, then add 10 grams of sugar to it.

To save your own finances, it's best to make the mixture yourself. To do this, all the ingredients must be purchased separately from each other.

But you can also make a purchase of a ready-made set, this will require spending more money. But it will already contain litmus paper and all the necessary components.

Application features

It is necessary to apply this agent to horticultural crops at the beginning of spring, as well as in summer. It is sprayed with special devices.

The prepared solution is poured into the tank. Spraying should be the same on all parts of the plant. The liquid should get on all the leaves. Therefore, the spraying procedure requires attention.

You should also adhere to the following spraying rules:

  1. The entire procedure should be done carefully. The liquid should not come into contact with people and soil.
  2. You need to make sure that all protective equipment is being used. Also, animals and children should not be present during processing.
  3. If it rains frequently, then it is better to postpone spraying until later.
  4. You should also pay attention to the state of the wind, in which direction it blows.
  5. There are some rules regarding the number of treatments:
  6. Until the buds appear, one spraying should be carried out, while using a 3% solution
  7. It is carried out during the growing season, you need to do 3-4 treatments, and take the solution 1%.

Different horticultural crops require different amounts of solution

  • for trees it is required to make about 20 liters per 100 square meters
  • for small bushes - about 15 l
  • for small bushes - up to 10 l

If signs of fungus appear on large leaves, then they can be treated with Bordeaux liquid.

This mixture is an effective tool that is not very expensive. With its help, you can cure a plant or get rid of an existing disease.

This liquid has become widely used because it is easy to prepare and simple to use. Moreover, it is universal, which allows it to be used for a variety of horticultural crops.

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