Early potatoes: basic tips for growing

Early potatoes: basic tips for growing

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In spring, fresh vegetables and fruits begin to complement meals. The old vegetable no longer tastes the same, so many people plant early potatoes, which has become very popular. But it has its own nuances.


  • General advice for growing
  • The choice of planting material
  • Germination with light
  • Combined germination
  • Fertilizer

General advice for growing

The cultivation of both early and late varieties is very similar to each other, but the agricultural technology of early potatoes is distinguished by some nuances. To get an excellent harvest, you need to adhere to these rules:

  1. The material used for planting must be vernalized. It implies specific measures with which the tubers will be prepared for planting. This includes warming up, germinating under the influence of light, and picking vegetables.
  2. For planting, you need to use early varieties of potatoes, but you should also take into account the peculiarities of the climate. To improve the yield, the crop is initially grown in peat pots.
  3. The planting material must be carefully selected. The tubers should be large in order to improve the yield.
  4. Fertilizers are required on time. The timing of planting can also affect the result.
  5. Potatoes of an early variety are planted tightly to each other.
  6. The culture needs a certain amount of care.

The choice of planting material

To get an early harvest, you need to take seriously the choice of planting material, since there are different varieties of potatoes. There are such popular types of this culture:

  • Serpanok
  • Kobza
  • Karatop
  • Impala
  • Early rose

These varieties quickly form tubers that ripen early. Even if the variety was selected correctly, this does not mean that a person will receive an excellent harvest. The number of potatoes that will be harvested depends on the climate, fertilization and other nuances.

It is important not only to choose the right variety, but also high-quality tubers. The planting material should be undamaged, in good appearance, of sufficient size. Sorting through the tubers, you should choose large potatoes, its weight should be 60-80 grams.

Germination with light

The tubers should be germinated before planting. This is a mandatory procedure. For this, use film bags, containers with partitions or other containers. For germination, the planting material must be exposed to light and heat.

Sprouts will sprout faster if the light is intense. If there is not enough light, then the shoots develop weak, long, and when planting is carried out, they may break.

A sufficient amount of light increases the number of nodes. Stolons later grow out of them. In the place where vegetables lie, diffused light is needed. In this case, direct rays of the sun will not work, since they may deteriorate the shoots, which will affect the further harvest.

Lighting should not be around the clock. 10 hours a day will be enough. For this, artificial lighting is used. It is also necessary to monitor the temperature in the room where the potatoes are located. It should be 13-15 degrees. A few days before the tubers are planted, hardening must be arranged. For this, the air temperature is reduced.

Combined germination

Instead of light exposure to potatoes, combined germination is used. It has a certain sequence.

When sprouts appear on the tubers, the planting material is placed in boxes, and then covered with straw, sawdust, sand or other material that needs to be well moistened. The potatoes are in this state for several weeks. After some time, a rhizome will appear on the tubers.

It is at this time that the potatoes are ready for planting. To grow the early potatoes, a film cover is used. When the planting has taken place, then the soil is covered with a film material.

This provides extra warmth and moisture retention, which will make the potatoes sprout faster. In this way, the plant grows strong, yielding a good harvest. The film cover creates frost protection for potatoes. It also allows the culture to mature faster.


To get a good harvest, you should not forget about fertilizing the potatoes. This procedure has some nuances. If we talk about early varieties, then they absorb the applied fertilizer faster than later crops. During its ripening period, potatoes consume nutrients as much as possible. For this reason, it is recommended to use supplements that are easy to digest and work quickly.

It has a positive effect on early potatoes with humus. It creates a good breeding ground for the development of culture. It is necessary to apply this fertilizer, taking into account the local climate. In the north, this procedure is carried out in the spring, since humus is also used for protection from the cold. And in the fall, the land in the south is fertilized in this way.

Nitrogen fertilizing is used to grow foliage in potatoes. But do not overdo it with this fertilizer. If the green mass grows rapidly, the number of tubers may decrease in the future. To get a good harvest, phosphate fertilizers are used, and early potatoes especially need them.

The introduction of minerals will bring benefits. It should not be forgotten that the potatoes need to be watered regularly, the soil must be loosened. These procedures must be performed systematically. They will also affect the future harvest, improve its quality.

You also need to remove weeds that prevent the culture from developing normally. In addition, there are various pests that can destroy leaves and tubers. We need to fight them. To do this, use tools that can be purchased in special stores for gardening. You should also use them correctly, and if you follow these simple rules, you can get a great harvest of early potatoes. After all, the quantity and quality of the collected tubers depends on the owner.

Preparing early potatoes for planting:

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