Weigela shrub: features of care and reproduction

Weigela shrub: features of care and reproduction

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Weigela is a deciduous shrub that belongs to the honeysuckle family.

A pretty green beauty will delight the grower with pink, red and cream shades.

The main feature of weigela is that the buds that have just opened are painted in a pale shade, but gradually their color changes and acquires a "ripe" color.


  • Weigela shrub: planting features
  • What should be remembered when caring for a weigela?
  • What types of weigela are common in our region?

Weigela shrub: planting features

The best period for planting shrubs is spring. With an autumn planting, weigela may not take root, due to strong temperature changes.

The bush is buried in an inclined position and buried with earth. Before buying, ask the seller how old the shrub is. The ideal “age” that adapts to our climatic conditions is considered to be 3 years.

Choose your shrub site carefully. Weigela is a light-loving and heat-loving plant. She loves direct sunlight and develops intensively at temperatures above +20 degrees.

It is also necessary to remember that the branches and buds of the bush are very fragile, so you need to avoid the northern winds.

Weigela loves loose and slightly moist soil. Experts recommend to loosen the soil with a shovel after each watering, but so as not to damage the root system.

If you do not want to take on unnecessary trouble, then simply cover the top layer of the earth with peat or sawdust.

Video from masters of their craft with a description of the weigela plant:

  • Dig a hole 50-7 centimeters deep
  • Place gravel and sand at the bottom of the pit
  • Plant the bushes at a distance of 4 meters
  • Be sure to fill the hole with humus, sand and sod, in a ratio of 2: 1: 1

After planting, drip irrigation of the bush with water is required. Remember to water in moderation. Some growers mistakenly believe that water is the main companion of any plant or shrub.

Moderation in watering is the main rule of the grower. Hopefully you don't need a rotten root system. Weigela should be watered 2-3 times a week.

What should be remembered when caring for a weigela?

In order for the shrub to please with lush and long flowering, experts recommend cutting off the branches. This should be done at the beginning of spring or late autumn. Areas with withering flowers also need to be cut off, and the cut site should be lubricated with garden varnish.

Young weigela needs your care. Therefore, in the winter period of time it is necessary to "wrap up" from severe frosts. This can be done using a special material - spandobonda. The trunk circle can be sprinkled with leaves.

If, after the winter period, you notice that the tree is very frozen, fill it with copious amounts of water, the same can be done if the air temperature reaches over 35 degrees.

A shrub that is over 5-7 years old does not require special care. The gardener should not forget to shake off the snow from the branches or install a special frame that will protect the weigela from heavy snowfalls or rain.

Do not forget that the shrub must be fed. This should be done twice a year: the first time in early autumn, the second - during the appearance of the first buds. Top dressing should contain urea and potassium sulfate.

Do not forget about moderate watering, pruning dry twigs, feeding and being careful with the plant in winter.

When a "disease" of weigela appears, it is necessary to take timely measures. It is better if you buy a special remedy for infections and fungal diseases.

So, weigela is a rather demanding shrub, but if it overwinters well, it promises to give persistent and good flowering. The shrub needs additional care and feeding, special attention should be paid to pruning dry or "dead" branches.

What types of weigela are common in our region?

In our regions, there are many types of weigela varieties. They differ not only in the color of the buds, but also in size. The following types of weigel are common in our region:

  1. Early Weigela. The shrub reaches a height of two meters, the color of the buds is pink, blooming in mid-May. Flowering period 30 days;
  2. Weigel Middendorf. The plant can reach up to one and a half meters in height, blooms twice a year. The buds are pale cream in color, have a pleasant, sweet aroma;
  3. Blooming weigela. The main feature of the shrub is that its leaves remain green even in winter. The buds are dark pink on the sides, white inside. The shrub reaches a height of 3 meters;
  4. Korean weigela. The plant is from a meter long and more, usually up to 1.5 meters. It blooms in early June, the flowering is not long and takes about 15-20 days;
  5. Weigela is profusely flowering. It blooms very quickly, at the beginning of flowering the buds have a deep red hue, then the color changes slightly and reaches a pale pink hue.

Remember that the distance between shrubs should be 3-5 meters. The distance between the weigela will brighten up the flowers of a fern or host.

The shrub is one of the most popular garden plants, it is rightfully considered a worthy representative of the honeysuckle family. Yes, weigela is quite demanding, but the flowering is beautiful, persistent and incredibly fragrant.

Weigela recently appeared in our region, but has already won the love of many gardeners. It is very important to observe moderation in watering, let in as much light as possible on the shrub, because lighting is extremely important for it. It is also worth taking care of a warm "shelter" for the plant.

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