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Hello dear forum users!

Need your help as gardening experts.

My name is Anastasia and I represent a company that produces heating mats, and now I am studying the market for heating seedlings at home.

As you probably all know, heating seedlings improves seed germination and seedling growth.

I ask you to help with the research and answer a couple of questions:

· Do you have a need or a need to warm up the seedlings? Why?

· Are you ready to use the seedling warming mat? What size do you need? At what price? And from what material?

If you are interested in this question, then here is the information that I found on the Internet:

"Studies have shown that heating the soil at home during the germination of seeds and early stages of seedling growth can significantly improve the health and growth rate of seedlings. For growing seedlings, it is much more important to maintain soil temperature than indoor air temperature. This method increases germination by 30 -40%. Heating the soil to a favorable temperature (22-25 ° C for germinating seeds; 15-18 ° C for seedlings) stimulates root formation in cuttings and seedlings. Lower temperatures when growing seedlings greatly slow down the growth process. In addition, heating the seedlings facilitates the process of growing thermophilic plants that usually grow only in subtropical (tropical) conditions. "

Thank you for your opinion!

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