Kosmeya: planting and caring for a flower from childhood

Kosmeya: planting and caring for a flower from childhood

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Affectionately called "beauty", the plant is a traditional decoration for the garden. It has long been loved by gardeners who use it in group plantings and cut it for unusual bouquets.


  • Cosmos portrait
  • Flower growing methods
  • Features of planting seedlings and caring for it

Cosmos portrait

The plant is a representative of the Astrov family. This herb is native to the American tropics and subtropics. Mexicans can admire most types of cosmos. Residents of middle latitudes are content with only three - two annuals and one perennial.

The name of the plant comes from the Greek word "kosmeo" - beauty, orderliness, balance. Therefore, the flower received its second name - cosmos. The people awarded him with the impartial nickname "disheveled young lady." It's all to blame for the delicate, delicate foliage that looks like tangled strands.

Plant height - 50-150 cm. Erect, flexible, thin stems are crowned with chamomile-like inflorescences. These are single or panicle baskets up to 12 cm in diameter. Breeders have worked hard to develop new varieties of the plant. During the flowering period, the kosmeya paints the flower bed in white, pink, crimson, golden tones. In addition to long-cultivated species, decorative double flowers have appeared.

The fruit is a dark yellow, gray or brown achene. The planting material retains its properties for 2-3 years after harvesting.

When collecting the seeds of cross-pollinated cosmos, one should not hope to reproduce all the properties of the variety next year. The grown hybrids will surprise you with all sorts of shades, but the most unusual ones will not be reproduced.

The unassuming cosmeya in the past got a second wind thanks to the work of breeders.

Flower growing methods

The plant is propagated by seeds. They are sown directly into the soil or grown for seedlings.

Landing in open ground is carried out in the spring, when the snow has completely melted. Technology:

  1. Work the soil deeply.
  2. Spread the planting material on the ground in nests of 3 or 4 pieces. Maintain a distance of 30-40 cm between them.
  3. Press to the ground.
  4. Drizzle.
  5. Sprinkle a little soil over the seeds so that the soil layer is not thicker than 1 cm.

If the weather is favorable, seedlings will appear in a couple of weeks. Seedlings that have grown up to 5-10 cm are thinned out: weak plants are removed, about 40 cm are left between young cosmes.

When the flowers have grown to 0.5 m, pinch the top. Such actions will increase bushiness, new inflorescences will begin to form. Plants will sparkle with colors in July or early August. Planting material can be purchased at specialized stores or collected by yourself. It is better to make a purchase at the end of winter.

Kosmeya can withstand autumn planting. It can multiply by self-seeding. Then in the spring you will have to thin out densely sprouted plants. Growing seedlings is an efficient but more time-consuming process. The sequence of actions for this method:

  1. In March-April, prepare containers with the substrate.
  2. Sow the planting material on top.
  3. Do not sprinkle on top, just press into the soil.
  4. Moisturize.
  5. Cover with glass or plastic.

Containers should be kept at a temperature of 18-200C. In comfortable conditions, the seedlings will appear in 1-2 weeks. Seedlings are thinned out to a distance of 10-15 cm between the sprouts. After the procedure, the optimum temperature for plants is 16-180C. Another option is to sow multiple seeds in separate plastic cups.

You need to carefully choose purchased seedlings. It should be compact, with a developed rhizome. Elongated and weakly branched cosmos will not work.

Both methods of propagation of space are quite simple, but with the seedling method, flowering will begin earlier.

Features of planting seedlings and caring for it

In May, it's time to think about determining the grown seedlings for a permanent place. They begin to work after waiting for a stable heat. Planting seedlings:

  • Prepare small wells every 30 or 35 cm
  • Sprinkle them with water
  • Plant plants
  • Water again
  • Dig in a support (slats, rods), to which it will be possible to tie the grown flower.

At the cosme, which has reached a height of 50 cm, pinch the top. Such a plant will bush better.

Space is thermophilic: it will like it in sunny areas. In the shade, he will spend all his energy on pulling stems, and not on flowering. The beauty has a unique gift - to fully develop in any soil. The ideal option for her is loose, humus-rich soil. The flower bed should be located in a place protected from drafts.

The flower is watered if the ground is clearly dry and at the beginning of vigorous growth. Fertilizers are of no fundamental importance. Saturation with nitrogen will lead to stretching of the cosmos, it will tie up few seeds.

The plant is practically not affected by diseases and pests. In rainy summers, it is threatened by snails and slugs. Specialty stores have enough tools in their arsenal to fight them. Withered inflorescences must be removed in time. Such actions help to maintain decorativeness at the proper level: the flowering period of the plant increases, the seeds are not sown anywhere.

The stems of tall specimens may break. To prevent this from happening, they are tied to supports. Hilling is additional support.

Cosmos bloom in summer and autumn, before the first frost. At temperatures below 00C, they die immediately. The stalks affected by the cold are cut off and put on compost. During the winter, the rhizome decays and becomes a good fertilizer. Even a novice gardener can cope with planting space seedlings in a flower bed and caring for it.

Growing cosmos is a pleasant hobby for people who put their heart and soul into decorating their site. A picky flower will gratefully enliven the interior.

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