Evergreen conifers: how to properly plant a spruce on the site

Evergreen conifers: how to properly plant a spruce on the site

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In many gardens, in suburban areas, local areas, a lot of space is allocated for planting conifers. Most often, fir trees are planted on the plots. Why is this tree so popular and how to choose and plant a spruce on the site correctly?


  • The choice of spruce for the site
  • How to choose a place for a Christmas tree
  • Spruce planting on the site

The choice of spruce for the site

Making a choice between the most diverse representatives of the conifer class:

  • pine trees
  • thuami
  • yews
  • cypresses
  • junipers
  • firs
  • many choose the latter

This is explained primarily by the fact that in Russia and in European countries, the spruce is, first of all, a traditional Christmas tree. In addition, the variety of modern ornamental spruce varieties can satisfy all tastes.

Decorative spruces differ in:

  • the color of the needles
  • crown shape
  • height of an adult plant

In nature, there are more than forty types of spruce, in ornamental gardening, the following types are most often used:

  • common spruce
  • spruce black
  • oriental spruce
  • prickly spruce
  • Serbian spruce
  • spruce Sitka
  • Brewer's spruce

When choosing a spruce for a plot, you need to focus on its size. For small compact areas, dwarf and slow-growing varieties are suitable, such as:

  • Norway spruce Compact, height 50 cm
  • spruce black Konika, height 1, 5m
  • black spruce Nana, 30 cm

Fans of Christmas trees with an original crown shape will like:

  • Norway spruce Pyramidata, with a columnar crown
  • spruce prickly Oldenburg, with blue needles and pyramidal crown

For large areas, tall forms are suitable:

  • Engelmann spruce, gray-blue, pyramidal, 20 m high
  • Norway spruce Aurea, yellow, pyramidal, 10 m
  • prickly spruce Bonfire, blue, pyramidal, 15 m

By planting decorative conifers in the garden, you can place bright accents, arrange garden paths, and complement rock gardens. All this will delight the eye regardless of the season.

In nature, real long-livers ate, so that the tree retains a healthy appearance on the site and grows for several decades, it is necessary to correctly approach the planting of the plant.

How to choose a place for a Christmas tree

The key to the correct planting of spruce on the site will be the choice of the right place for it. There are three things to pay attention to:

  • wind
  • illumination
  • the soil


When determining the place for planting spruce on the site, it is important to remember that due to the peculiarities of the root system, the tree is unstable in strong winds. This is due to the fact that the taproot gradually dies off, and the tree is held in the ground by the surface roots. Winds are especially dangerous for tall forms over 10 - 15 years old, therefore, it is better for them to choose a place well protected from the wind.


When choosing a place on the site for planting fir trees, you should give preference to a well-lit place. This is especially important for varieties with multi-colored needles. Such trees in a heavily shaded place will simply lose the decorative color of the needles and cones. In poorly lit places, the annual growth will drop sharply, the tree will wither, and may even die. It should be borne in mind that tall forms can very quickly outgrow their sun-loving neighbors, block the sunlight for them, therefore, when choosing a place, this must be taken into account.

The soil

Almost all spruce trees prefer to grow on acidic or slightly acidic soils. In terms of density, it is better to choose loamy or sandy loam soils with good air and water permeability, with a moderate amount of organic matter.

Soils that are too loose or too heavy can be improved by adding enough clay or sand. Young spruce, especially the first 10 - 15 years of life, can die from the close occurrence of groundwater.

When choosing a place, special attention should be paid to the size of this type of tree, a spruce that slowly grows in the first years of its life, in the future it can grow into a multi-meter beauty and its crown will cover the house, and neighboring plants, and pedestrian paths and paths.

After choosing a place, it is the turn of the preparation of the planting pit and the actual planting of the tree itself.

Spruce planting on the site

You can plant a spruce on the site both in the fall, in the second half of September, and in the spring, in April, after the soil thaws. Seedlings in containers, the root system of which is not damaged during transplantation, can be planted at a later time.

The planting hole should be suitable for the size of the root system. For young, two to three-year-old plants, it is enough to dig a hole of about 60 cm by 80 cm, and if a large-sized spruce is planted, then the hole must be made more than a lump of root soil.

The distance between the holes for tall trees should be from three or more meters, for dwarf ones - from 50 cm to 1 m, for medium ones - from 3 m to 5 m.

A layer of broken brick is poured at the bottom of the planting pit, it drains the soil well, and does not allow excess water to stagnate. A mound of fertile soil is poured over the brick. For this, forest or garden soil mixed with compost or humus is suitable.

A seedling is installed in the planting pit along with a lump of earth. It is not recommended to purchase planting material with a bare root system, such a tree will hurt for a long time, there is a high probability of the death of such a seedling.

In no case should the root collar be buried in the soil, its correct location is at ground level. Carefully close the pit with soil, after which it must be slightly compacted. Spill the planted plant with water, if necessary, the tree must be fixed by carefully tying it to two pegs.

In a very dry summer, fresh plantings of conifers will need watering.

It is advisable to carry out mineral dressing the next spring after planting. If the spruce is planted correctly on the site, the plant will take root rather quickly and will delight the eye with its green needles.

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