What should be the care for Coleus?

What should be the care for Coleus?

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Coleus is a plant that has a bright, unusual leaf color that resembles a mosaic of different colors. As soon as you turn your attention to this beautiful flower, your mood will improve. Coleus, as well as all kinds of hybrid plants that have been artificially bred, may have foliage that combines various shades of green, and there may also be overflows of red, burgundy, purple, pink, white and yellow colors.

The color of the leaves is a combination of the main color, but the veins and the border of the foliage itself can have a completely different shade - red, marble. Foliage often has a mosaic or striped pattern, where three or more color shades change at once.


  • Lighting and temperature for Coleus
  • Watering plants and air humidity
  • Top dressing and optimal soil

Lighting and temperature for Coleus

In order for the flower to be really beautiful, not sick and feel comfortable in your home. It is necessary to provide him with proper care. There are a number of factors to take into account:

  • Lighting
  • Watering
  • Top dressing
  • Transplant
  • The presence of pests and diseases

Coleus is a light-loving plant. He loves bright sunlight. However, it is necessary to accustom the flower to them gradually. In order to prevent any painful burns from forming on the foliage, it is necessary from time to time to remove the Coleus in a dark and cool place, literally for several hours a day.

The color of the leaves can tell how the plant is feeling, whether it has enough lighting. Light fluxes are much easier to transfer to leaves that have plates with red or white coloration. In order for the plant to develop normally, windows that have access to the south, west and east exposure will be ideal.

If you begin to notice that the foliage of plants has begun to lose their bright and rich shades - this is a sign of burnout, which means that the flower receives an excessive amount of sunlight, which negatively affects its growth and development. Therefore, it is necessary to move the coleus to a more shaded place for a while, until the plant regains its previous color.


Caring for Coleus little depends on the temperature regime, since the plant is considered unpretentious in the choice of temperature conditions. It can be grown in temperatures between 15 and 28 degrees throughout the year.

However, in the winter period, it is not advisable to grow Coleus at temperatures below 12 degrees, since the plant will feel a sharp change in temperature, begin to freeze, shed leaves, which can cause the death of the plant.

Watering plants and air humidity

In the spring, summer and autumn, it is necessary to water the plant as the top layer of the soil in which the coleus grows dries out. For irrigation, the best option would be settled water at room temperature.

In winter, it is necessary to reduce the watering of the plant to a minimum, however, it is always worth monitoring the condition of the earth - it should not dry out, as this adversely affects the condition of the Coleus.

In the cold period, when the plant will grow at a temperature of 13 to 16 degrees, watering should be reduced to a minimum. If you notice flabby leaves, this coleus informs you that the moisture in the soil has run out and you need to water it.

The high level of humidity in the room is an ideal environment for the normal life of the plant.

It is necessary to regularly sprinkle plant leaves with water at room temperature, especially in the summer.

Most often, this flower is found in the kitchen - it is a moderately warm room, which has an increased level of humidity. Coleus will feel good here. If there is dry air in the room, then it is necessary to place the pot with the plant on a special pallet, on which there is wet expanded clay or wet pebbles. Winter period - for Coleus this is a state of dormancy, during this period the plant practically does not grow.

Top dressing and optimal soil

In order for the flower to have a bright color in spring and summer, it will be useful to carry out the feeding procedure once a week. For this, you can use fertilizers of a mineral or organic type, which are specially designed for ornamental and indoor plants.

You can buy this dressing at a flower shop. For Coleus, solutions that contain potassium are a good option. The concentration should not exceed 0.5 g per liter of water. In winter, this type of feeding should be carried out at most once a month, and the concentration of the solution should be reduced exactly by half.

Coleus is a plant that is not demanding on soil composition, so any nutrient mixture is perfect for growing a flower. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the nitrogen content in the soil. The more this substance is in the soil, the greener the leaves will be, and the plant itself will feel much better.

A young plant is susceptible to negative influences from the direction of the world. If the sun's rays are not enough for the Coleus, then there is a risk that the stems located in the lower part become bare. Excessive light results in a loss of bright hue on the foliage.

Insufficient watering leads to leaf fall, and leaves can also fall off if there is an excess of moisture for the flower. The main pests of Coleus are spider mites and aphids.

This plant propagates with the help of cuttings and seeds. Any of these methods can be used when growing Coleus at home.

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