The most popular potato varieties for the Black Earth Region

The most popular potato varieties for the Black Earth Region

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Black earth is the most fertile climatic zone for growing potatoes. In addition, the mild climate of the central Chernozem region makes it possible to grow two vegetable crops per season.

Despite the absence of special restrictions in the choice of varieties and favorable growing conditions, experts advise purchasing and planting zoned potato varieties. By following this recommendation, vegetable growers will not only get a richer potato crop, but also save on pesticides and fertilizers.

When zoning potatoes, both the climatic features of the region and the pests and diseases that are especially common there, from which it is necessary to protect the vegetable, are taken into account.

Recommended potato varieties for planting for the Black Earth Region:

Nevsky is one of the most versatile and well-known potato varieties bred by Russian breeders. A high-yielding variety with white flesh and good taste. Differs in good keeping quality, but requires good fertilizing.

Red Scarlet is an early ripe, red-skinned variety with light yellow flesh, average taste. A distinctive feature of the Red Scarlet variety is resistance to potato cancer pathogens.

Ramos is a mid-season variety. The flesh and skin of the vegetable are yellowish. Ramos has good taste, good keeping quality, resistant to viruses and golden nematode.

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