How to plant roses with cuttings: some tips for novice gardeners

How to plant roses with cuttings: some tips for novice gardeners

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Roses are flowers that embody all beauty, love, elegance and grace. It is important to know when to plant them, how best to do it, etc. There are some tips to help you plant these flowers without much hassle.


  • How to plant roses by cuttings
  • Semi-lignified or green cuttings?
  • Woody or last year's cuttings?

How to plant roses by cuttings

One of the most famous and most reliable ways to grow roses in your garden is to use cuttings. Most gardeners use this particular method, since the most is known about it, and it is not particularly difficult to do this, although there are some nuances.

It is worth noting that two types of cuttings can be used for planting - these are last year's (they are also called lignified) and current year's cuttings (semi-lignified). Depending on what kind of rose a person wants to plant, he needs to choose one or another kind.

  1. First action. Wait for the best moment to make cuttings. Usually, for this they take the period from the moment when the buds were formed until the very end of their flowering.
  2. Second action. No matter how trite it sounds, but you need to take a pruner and head to the rose bush that you liked the most. Moreover, it must be carefully examined and any diseases or defects must be excluded.
  3. Third action. It is necessary to choose the best shoot on the bush. As a rule, for this, the middle part of the branch is chosen, on which at least five leaves grow.
  4. Fourth action. After that, the lower part of the flower and its crown are cut off.
  5. Fifth action. It is necessary to cut off the two lower leaves, since this part of the stalk will be planted in the ground.
  6. Sixth act. All other leaves must be cut. This must be done in order to retain as much moisture as possible in the plant.
  7. Seventh action. After all the previous steps, it is necessary to plant the cutting in a pot, with a specially prepared material for planting roses in advance (well-moistened garden soil).
  8. Eighth action. After the cutting is planted, cover with a cut plastic bottle or any glass container. This is done so that there is better germination, and less moisture evaporates.
  9. Act Nine. It is necessary to ensure that the soil does not dry out and constantly (every day) spray the shoot.

Two weeks later (this usually happens like this), the first roots begin to appear, which after another two weeks will firm up in the ground very well. After a month has passed, the shoot must be placed in a dark place, where it will stand until spring. Of course, care must be taken to ensure that the ground does not dry out. But you don't need to water every day.

By observing the order of these actions, you can grow beautiful roses on your site. The main thing is not to forget to water, and you need to choose a good shoot so that time is not wasted.

Semi-lignified or green cuttings?

If you decide to plant roses by cuttings and take green cuttings for this, then you need to remember that they are taken from the shoots that have formed in the current year. Usually, this is done (cuttings are carried out) in the period from the moment the buds form on the flower, or before the beginning of flowering.

It is worth taking the middle part of the escape. The stalk should not be more than eight centimeters long. Of course, more experienced gardeners take the entire shoot and divide it into two or three parts, each of which will have a bud.

It is imperative to remember that the lower part should be cut obliquely, and the upper one straight. All other actions will be the same as described above, that is, they will be placed in the ground for two weeks, constantly moistened, and after two weeks it will be placed in a dark place. Sometimes, some people put the stalk in the water. The effect is basically the same. But you just need to constantly monitor that the water in the container is clean.

Woody or last year's cuttings?

If you decide to choose last year's cuttings for planting, then you need to remember that it will be much more difficult to plant and grow such roses, since the process of rooting the roots may simply fail.

Cuttings should be taken at a time when the rose bushes are being prepared for winter (usually late autumn).

After the bush has been selected, the shoot and the stalk cut out, it must be wrapped in cellophane, in which there will be either peat or moss (and wet). After that, you need to put it in the refrigerator, where it is stored until winter. Storage in the ground is allowed if the air temperature is not lower than 0 degrees. By the time spring comes, the cuttings should give roots.

After the roots have been strengthened, the cutting must be planted in the ground. Then, thanks to constant and careful care, a beautiful rose bush will grow.

Planting roses is a very painstaking occupation and is beyond the power of every person. Flowers need to be loved so much that it was not a pity to devote time and attention to them. But those who do this all the time know perfectly well that although it is very difficult to grow a rose from cuttings, the result speaks for itself. Such beauty is worthy of the efforts that are being made. The main thing is to choose the variety and the color that you want to see in your garden!

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