What growing and caring for cucumbers can be

What growing and caring for cucumbers can be

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What is growing and caring for cucumbers? It's easy enough if you remember each step. Many gardeners love the phoenix.

How to grow cucumbers

Care begins even before planting. After all, cucumbers need nutritious soil. Even after harvesting, the land must be worked with vitriol - 1 stack. per liter of water, copper sulfate. It turns out for 1 sq. km. 1 kg. fertilizers. This is followed by the treatment of the beds. You need to dig it up to a depth equal to the shovel's shovel. In the spring, manure should be added to the ground. The bed must be dug again. Next, you need to add a solution of sodium humate. This is done with the help of beds, which must be dug up and watered first with warm potassium permanganate in water.

This is followed by sowing. It is carried out as follows:

  • Dry seeds are sown at a distance of 10-15 cm along prepared grooves and covered with a layer of earth;
  • The soil must be tamped with your hands - lightly;
  • Seeds do not need watering if the furrows were watered before sowing;
  • From above, the bed must be covered with a covering material, cellophane, frames with glass, etc. will do;
  • Seeds will germinate for about a month, at this time watering is carried out, the water should be warm;
  • When 10 days remain before transplanting, seedlings are fed with sodium humate, having previously loosened the soil.

This is how we get seedlings. Then they dig it up in clods and plant it. It is believed that this should be done either in the evening or in cloudy weather. This is how the cultivation and care of cucumbers is carried out.

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