Agricultural technology for growing potatoes

Agricultural technology for growing potatoes is a very necessary thing for many gardeners, because the yield depends on the correct planting and growing of potatoes.

In growing potatoes, pre-sowing germination of tubers is very important, as well as planting potatoes in well-prepared and loose soil.

To successfully carry out the presowing germination of potato tubers, it is necessary to do this in the light. This process must be carried out as follows: the potatoes are laid out in a layer of several tubers. Tubers must be germinated 30-45 days before planting.

The agrotechnology of growing potatoes is not a very complicated matter, but it requires some knowledge. In order to plant 1 quintal of potato tubers, you need 2 square meters of area. It is best to germinate tubers in small trellised boxes.

The germination temperature should be 14-15 degrees. It is important to create high humidity. This is achieved by spraying the aisles. It is also worth ventilating the room when the outside temperature is above zero.

The soil for planting potatoes should be well prepared, which has been done since autumn. It is also very important to plow potatoes, while loosening the soil to a depth of 40 cm. So that Colorado beetles, wireworm larvae or false wireworms do not start, ammonia water must be added to the soil with plowing, which not only destroys pests, but is also a nitrogen fertilizer.

Observing all the rules of potato farming techniques, you will get an early and rich harvest. This is not difficult to achieve, the main thing is to pay a little attention to the potatoes, which will undoubtedly be rewarded.

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