Linden - beauty for the site, health benefits

Linden - a tree that is widely used in many industries. Linden tea, honey, linden infusions are the healthiest drinks that you can easily prepare for yourself and your loved ones if you plant at least one tree in your personal plot.

Linden prefers a sunny place, although it will grow well in the shade, well-permeable, drained, but not necessarily fertile soil is suitable for it, it perfectly tolerates frost and difficult winter weather conditions. If there is a desire, with the help of a haircut, the linden can be restrained, and for many years it will keep the shape it has created.

It is better to plant a linden seedling in the spring, following the tree and soil moisture for the first time, you can also periodically feed the linden at a young age. You can transplant a tree at any time convenient for you, but while it is young, already an adult tree does not tolerate transplanting well. Linden does not require special care, it perfectly gets the moisture it needs from the soil thanks to its powerful roots, pests do not attack it. However, in a too dry period, watering will not be superfluous.

When planting a linden, take into account the fact that linden grows its leaf mass in the spring later than anyone else and sheds it before everyone else in the fall, and also has impressive growth and strong branching in adulthood.

Why is linden useful and valuable?

Linden blossom - the oldest folk remedy, which is also used in traditional medicine, as an antipyretic, diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant and bactericidal drug.

  • Linden blossom is brewed, infused, added to teas for various purposes. To obtain lime infusion, take two tablespoons of linden flowers and pour a cup of boiling water. With fever, inflammation of the bladder and liver, colds, stomach cramps, neuroses, take no more than three glasses of this infusion inside a day.
  • They also make a hot decoction of linden blossom, which helps with coughs, colds, neuralgia, rheumatism, gout and is also used for scented baths.
  • An infusion of linden blossom will help with headaches, cramps and fainting.
  • Linden bark, pre-boiled, will help with hemorrhoids and burns.
  • Fresh lime leaves and crushed buds soften tissues in case of burns, help with mastitis and bruises.

Collection and storage of linden blossom

Linden flowers need to be picked when most of all the flowers have already blossomed, while others are still in the form of buds. Do not pick flowers when there is a lot of dew or after rain, do not pick linden flowers from the linden tree that grows by the road. The flowers must be collected in a box, then they are laid out on paper, in a thin layer, and placed in a dark, not damp, ventilated room. After drying, the flowers are poured into a wooden box or paper bag, and they can be stored for no more than thirty-six months.

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