Greenhouse tomato care

Greenhouse tomato care

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The tomato is a widespread crop grown by almost every gardener. And the aroma that comes from the bushes with tomatoes cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Growing tomatoes outdoors is more difficult than growing in a greenhouse. This is due to the fact that tomatoes need constantly slightly moist soil, while the leaves of the tomatoes must remain dry. It is difficult to do this outdoors, which is why it is advised to grow tomatoes in greenhouses. Caring for tomatoes in a greenhouse will not be difficult even for a beginner in this business. If you grow tomatoes in the open field, and it rains constantly, then your tomatoes will hurt much more often than in a greenhouse.

Caring for tomatoes in a greenhouse has several basic principles. First, you need to constantly loosen the soil. Loosening must be done once every two weeks. It is also imperative to water and fertilize on time.

Fertilization is a very important factor in quality tomato cultivation. For fertilization, you can use granular or liquid fertilizers. But it should be borne in mind that liquid fertilizers are much better and faster absorbed.

Every 2 weeks after the soil has been watered with warm water, it is necessary to loosen the soil. Cold water can harm plants, as it inhibits their development, and can also simply lead to their death. Also, when caring for tomatoes, do not forget to remove stepchildren.

When growing a tomato, it is very important to monitor the health of the bush and, as necessary, treat it with special agents against diseases and pests.

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