Marigolds in the photo - a variety of shapes and colors

Flowers aster family occupy a special place not only in the flower beds of flower growers, but also in the photographs of professional photographers. Marigolds in the photo look very noble, because their full buds of bright yellow shades resemble the sun, and the sun, as you know, has always been considered a source of energy and heat. That is why it is a pleasure to admire marigolds.

The marigolds in the photo amaze with the diversity of their color color, shape of petals and the buds themselves. There is a huge variety of marigold varieties that can be grown in home gardens. It should be noted that the benefits of these flowers are not only aesthetic pleasure and pleasant aroma, but also the benefits of special phytonicids, which emit flowers that can have a beneficial effect on the soil. Marigold phytonicides have a positive effect on the condition of other flowers in the flower bed.

The ability of marigolds to grow in the most unforeseen places causes tenderness among gardeners, so marigolds are bold sown among trees, bushes and even in the garden, because this is a real protection for other plants. For example, marigolds protect potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle, and faded buds can be composted to disinfect the soil from pests. And the flowers of marigolds are widely used in folk medicine.

Reproduce marigolds are very simple - you just need to sow their seeds collected from the flowers of adult plants.

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