What cucumbers are good for a greenhouse

Cucumber is the most Russian vegetable. In this article I will try to understand the three (main) types of greenhouse cucumber seeds.

To begin with, we decided that we grow cucumbers in a greenhouse. And for a greenhouse, only self-pollinated hybrids are suitable for us.

Self-pollinating can only be hybrids, with a bundle arrangement of ovaries, they are the most productive. Also, hybrids are more resistant to disease.

I will give as an example several hybrid types of cucumber seeds: April, Cucaracha, Zozulya.

These species are capable of producing crops without bee pollination, which is what we need:

  • April is a hybrid of the spring-summer and autumn periods. Cucumber for salad purposes. The fruit can also be used for pickling. Early ripening, it takes about 50 days from the first shoots to fruiting. High productivity. Resistant to olive spot;
  • kukaracha is a hybrid for spring and autumn. In its properties it is similar to the April one. Used for salads, early ripening, requires 45-50 days. High productivity and marketability;
  • zozulya - grown in the spring. A salad-type cucumber, the fruits retain their presentation for a long time. The main lash is of medium length, weak branching (the plant has self-regulation of branching);

As you can see, hybrids are quite similar in their properties, so the choice is yours.

Watch the video: Growing Cucumbers in a greenhouse (November 2021).