Raspberry seedlings - decorate your garden!

Raspberry seedlings - decorate your garden!

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Ah, who doesn't like in the summer, on a hot, sultry day, to crawl deeper into the coolness of raspberry bushes and enjoy the sweet fruits? Every lover of sunny berries - raspberries - dreams of this.

How to do it right so that the berries "work out", which ones to choose raspberry seedlings, how best to plant and where to plant? When choosing a place for planting raspberries, it is worth considering that the plant does not really like to bear fruit in the shade. Therefore, pay attention to planting the plant in the most sunny place.

The ideal soil is light loamy, moisture-retaining, but at the same time well-drained. If there is no such place, it does not matter, raspberry seedlings can also be planted on sandy and sandy loam soil, in this case it will be necessary to water the plant regularly and fertilize well every year.

You can plant raspberries in several ways:

  • trenching
  • way of landing in pits

Each method has its own advantages. "Yamny" the method is faster and less laborious, trench it will give you the confidence that each bush is evenly fertilized and receives the same amount of "usefulness".

Drop off time:

  1. Summer - in summer, raspberries grown in containers are planted. This is generally best done in early June.
  2. Autumn - in the fall, raspberries are planted when the replacing buds of the plant ripen. The ideal climate for autumn planting occurs in mid-September.
  3. In spring - in spring, when the soil has just thawed. Spring raspberries take root for a long time.

Remember, whenever you plant your plant, in whatever soil it grows, if you do it with love, your labor will bear sweet fruits!

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