Goose cinquefoil

Goose cinquefoil Is a herbaceous perennial plant. It is a low-growing plant with creeping red stolons that reach a length of about 80 centimeters.

Leaves about 15 centimeters long, odd-pinnate, green and smooth above, and whitish below, pubescent, divided into leaves. The hairs cover the stolons and stem, giving the plant a silvery appearance. Flowers small, their diameter is about two centimeters, they have five, rarely six or seven yellow petals. The flowers grow on stems that are fifteen centimeters long. Fetus Is a multi-nut.

Cinquefoil goose is found on stony, sandy or clay soils, in meadows and wastelands, along roadsides, in ditches and ravines.

Cinquefoil goose is medicinal plant... It contains tannins, fatty oil, organic acids, flavonoids... The rhizomes contain a lot of protein and starch. Leaves, flowers and shoots are harvested. Decoctions and infusions are prepared from Potentilla goose. Use this plant as anticonvulsant, hemostatic, antiseptic, strong astringent and diuretic facilities. Infusion of Potentilla is used for gargling with inflammatory diseases. The broth is used for lotions for ulcers, cuts, rashes, skin inflammations, bleeding wounds. Cinquefoil is used for pulmonary tuberculosis, eczema, hemoptysis, hernia, for gastrointestinal pathology, for painful menstruation, muscle cramps, liver pathology, for kidney stones, toothache, for sore joints, eye diseases, as well as for cleansing the skin.

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