Useful properties of clover

Useful properties of clover

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The public health resort knows thousands of plants that can be used as medicine in certain cases. Some of them are rare, others just grow under your feet.... But any herbs must be used carefully, beforehand having studied their properties and by consulting a good herbalist.

Meadow clover or porridge - a perennial plant from the legume genus widespread in our area. Most often it used as feed for livestock, but it is also wonderful honey plant. The culture is rich in vitamins and minerals, essential oils and organic acids, carbon and proteins, as well as other substances that can be useful or harmful to humans. Therefore his used in folk healing... But if you dried the clover, and it darkened, then this herb is no longer suitable for use.

The main useful properties of clover: antimicrobial, anti-sclerotic, anti-tumor, astringent and expectorant, antifungal (if it is roots). This plant strengthens the walls of blood vessels, preparations are made from it for the treatment of colds, atherosclerosis and anemia... In combination with other means, clover is used against tumors, with disorders of the cardiovascular system, liver diseases and bleeding. It heals wounds and relieves inflammation, relieves pain.

It is not recommended to take clover-based medicine. if you have increased blood clotting, have varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, have had a heart attack or stroke. It is also not worth the risk in case of pregnancy.

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