Everyone can plant onions

Everyone can plant onions

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Onions are a culture without which it is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person. But, no matter how easy it is to plant onions, there are still some tricks in it.

How to plant onions

1. Plants of the nightshade family are considered the best predecessors; it is not advised to plant onions after garlic.
2. In the fall, prepare the soil by loosening it to a shallow depth and destroying the roots of the weeds, since the root system of the onion is rather weak, and the roots do not need unnecessary difficulties.
3. It is imperative to add fertilizer to the soil. Almost all types of fertilizers on the market will do.
4. You can sow onions with seeds and onion sets. The second method allows you to get a harvest faster, its presentation will obviously be better.
5. You can plant onions only when the possibility of frost has passed.

If all the conditions of the process called planting onions have been met, then in the second half of summer you are guaranteed to get a bountiful harvest of large, neat onions from the beds. And keep in mind that with a deep planting, oblong elongated bulbs will form, and with a superficial one - a flatter shape. Have a good harvest!

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