Intoxicating wild rosemary in the photo

Intoxicating wild rosemary in the photo

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The name "wild rosemary" comes from the Russian verb "wild rosemary", which means "to poison". Derived from the verb, the adjective "wild rosemary" means poisonous, poisonous, intoxicating. The Greeks called it "Ledum", that is, this plant from which you can get an aromatic resin - incense.

Ledum in the photo belongs to the heather family. It grows in the cold climates of the northern hemisphere. There are about 10 species, 4 of which grow in Russia.

Ledum exudes a pungent suffocating aromat, causing dizziness, damage to the nervous system and sometimes leading to loss of consciousness. This poisonous aroma is created by the essential oils that are contained in the plant.

It is better to plant wild rosemary in the photo in spring. Make the depth of the planting holes 30 cm, although the roots are at a depth of 20 cm. For many years it grows in one place.

Grows well in acidic soils... Fill the planting hole with a mixture of 3 parts of high-moor peat, 2 parts of coniferous soil and 1 part of sand. And at the very bottom, put river pebbles for good drainage.

Water a couple of times a month with acidified water to keep the soil acidic. Water sparingly, but avoid drought. After watering and crusting, immediately loosen the soil as soil compaction is bad for growth. Loosen on with care, as the root system is close to the surface.

It is not necessary to cut the rosemary, only after winter remove the broken and damaged branches.

Problems with diseases and pests do not arise due to a specific repelling smell.

For breeding use seeds or summer cuttings.

The wild rosemary in the photo is widely used in folk medicine. It is used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract, influenza, pneumonia and insect bites.

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