Caring for echeveria, or stone rose

Caring for echeveria, or stone rose

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Exotic Guest from America echeveria, better known as the stone rose, is a perennial succulent plant. The location of a huge number of domestic flower growers, this unusual plant won, first of all, due to its original appearance: indeed, fleshy pointed leaves that are collected in an outlet and have a bright green, purple or brownish colorcrowned with a long inflorescence of small orange-pink-red flowers look extremely impressive. In addition, the stone rose, despite its exotic appearance, is more than an unpretentious plant: care for echeveria extremely simple and unobtrusive.

This plant is best placed in a bright, sunny place. Echeveria care implies regular, but fairly moderate and even scanty watering of the plant (especially in winter). Echeveria, like many succulents, reacts extremely badly to waterlogging of the soil, and an excess amount of moisture can provoke rotting of the plant roots and the appearance of powdery mildew. In winter, Echeveria should be kept cool (the room temperature should not exceed 10-12 degrees). This does not only apply to winter blooming plants, which should be kept at room temperature. It is advisable to replant young plants annually., then this can be done every few years. Echeveria is best suited for a special soil designed for cacti, or a mixture of turf and coarse sand.

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