How to make a greenhouse for cucumbers with your own hands?

How to make a greenhouse for cucumbers with your own hands?

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Often how to do do-it-yourself greenhouse for cucumbers, interests those people who live in regions with climatic conditions, where it is simply physically impossible to grow this vegetable in the open field. Therefore, you simply cannot do without a greenhouse.

Growing cucumbers in greenhouses

Greenhouse construction - this is a fairly popular and discussed topic, so you will find a lot of useful information on various forums. However, keep in mind that there are many ways to arrange greenhouses, and you can choose the most "budgetary" one.

Before, how to build a greenhouse with your own hands, select a location. If the area is too damp, it is best to make a brick or concrete base. If this is not a problem, then simply place the greenhouse on a bevelled clay pillow.

Starting out growing cucumbers in greenhouses, study the basic requirements. So, a vegetable is picky about heat. For example, if the temperature is below 12 degrees, then the seeds may not germinate at all. By the way, if they are sown in cold soil, they die.

Greenhouse cucumber care
should include the introduction of organic fertilizers, without which the harvest will be small. Manure can be replaced with rotted debris, leaves, peat, straw and sawdust. But such compost is enriched with nitrogen.

As you can see, then, how to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse, largely depends on the accumulated experience and knowledge gained. Of course, you will make mistakes at first. But over time, you will be able to get delicious fruits, and the growing process itself will bring a lot of pleasure.