Propagation of grapes by cuttings in spring

Propagation of grapes by cuttings in spring

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I love grapes! It is a pity that where I live, in the North-West of Russia, only decorative grapes grow - a huge liana, wrapping houses and roofs in green in summer and in burgundy leaves in autumn. But the result is worth it - amazingly tasty and aromatic grapes will be a real reward for the gardener who has grown them. How does it happen propagation of grapes by cuttings? In the spring?

It should be noted right away that this method of growing grapes is the most common and optimal. Still use layering, seeds and grafting. But these methods, except for the cultivation of grapes by layering, are very laborious. And propagation of grapes by cuttings is a very convenient and practical way to get a plant, analogue of maternal.

The grapes are propagated by cuttings using this method:

  • from autumn, somewhere in August or early September, it is necessary to cut off the top of the vine. Moreover, it will still have to be cut - these are the agrotechnical conditions for growing grapes. So why not get the double benefit of a strong and healthy mother plant and a new shoot
  • the cut must be carried out under the fifth leaf
  • the bottom two sheets are removed
  • the top of the cutting is cut so that there is a margin of 1 centimeter above the top sheet
  • treat the lower part of the cutting with a rooting stimulator
  • plant the cutting in a pot filled with earth like this: half of the earth with sand, half of the sand. The soil must be moist
  • over a pot of grapes "build" a mini-greenhouse - create a microclimate, but do not forget to ventilate it, so that the stalk does not rot from an excess of moisture

In the spring, the cutting is planted in a permanent place, taking care not to damage the roots.

Good luck!

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