Growing zinnia from seeds

Growing zinnia from seeds

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Zinnia is loved by many gardeners. A wonderful property of zinnia is lush bloom, the more flowers you pick, the more they will grow on the bush. The plant, like all annuals, propagates by seeds. Growing zinnia from seeds does not present any difficulties. If the seeds are sown outdoors in May, you will receive a flowering plant at the end of July.

For earlier flowering, cultivation of zinnia from seeds is usually practiced. seedling method... In this case, the seeds are sown in seedling boxes in late March and early April. Seedlings will appear in 5-10 days. When they get stronger and real leaves appear, they are seated in separate containers, and if zinnias are rarely sown at once, then you can not plant them. Seedlings are planted in a permanent place when the ground warms up and the threat of night frosts disappears, observing the distance between plants of 25-30 centimeters.

Zinnia is very heat-loving and light-loving plant, so you need to choose a place for it that is sunny, protected from cold winds. The site should first be dug up and fertilized with peat, humus, compost. You can also apply mineral fertilizers. In the future, zinnia is fertilized 2-3 times per season, always before and at the beginning of budding. When the zinnia grows a little, you can pinch it to form a lush bush. The plant does not tolerate waterlogging or drought, therefore it is watered only when the earth dries out.

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