Blueberries in the photo and their cultivation

Blueberries in the photo and their cultivation

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Blueberries in the photo easily recognizable by external signs. If we consider the taste, then blueberries are much sweeter and more aromatic than blueberries.

It will be interesting to know and beneficial properties of blueberries, which are explained by the fact that the berries have diuretic, strengthening, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and stimulating properties. The fruits and leaves of blueberries are used in the preparation of various traditional medicines.

Blueberry cultivation

First of all, you need to remember a few simple rules. Blueberries growing which depends on the correct choice of location, loves sunny places, protected from wind and drafts.

As for the soil, it must be acidic. If it is too close to neutral, then blueberries will grow and develop slowly. Consider also the fact that you need to provide good drainage for these fruits. If the groundwater is less than 60 cm, then garden blueberry planted on loose mounds.

This plant is quite demanding for watering. It should be regular and abundant. Tall blueberry does not like organic fertilizers and animal compost. She needs a special feeding in the form of sawdust of coniferous trees and sour peat.

As you can see, landing and blueberry care not so difficult. By the way, you can plant blueberries either in mid-September or mid-May (as soon as the threat of frost has passed). Subject to the above requirements canadian blueberry will reward you with ripe and tasty fruits.

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