Contraindications to Brazil nuts

Contraindications to Brazil nuts

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A tree grows in the Amazonian jungle Bertoletiya highwhich bears a unique fruit known as Brazil nuts. This plant is exclusively pollinated wild orchid bees, which live only in selva, therefore it is impossible to grow this tree in other conditions. Consequently, valuable Brazil nuts are supplied to the world market from Brazil, Bolivia and Venezuela.

The value of Brazil nuts lies in the fact that they contain quite many trace elements, fats, amino acids and various vitamins... Due to the rich composition, the nutritive value is very high.

Despite the fact that the Brazilian nut is useful for various diseases, it is still not recommended to use it in large quantities, since contraindications to Brazil nuts still exist.

Since one hundred grams of nuts contains about 700 kilocalories, then overweight people, this fruit is not recommended to be consumed... And for those looking to gain weight, Brazil nuts will become an indispensable staple in the diet.

In some cases, Brazil nuts can cause various allergic reactions with regular use. Therefore, it is better to give up these delicious nuts.

With increased pressure it is also not recommended to overuse nuts.

Excessive consumption of Brazil nuts can cause an attack of nausea and vomiting... This is due to the fact that the main beneficial substance of the nut is selenium, and with its excessive use, just such symptoms arise.

Do not ignore the contraindications to Brazil nuts, otherwise you can harm your health.

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