When do snowdrops bloom?

When do snowdrops bloom?

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Short plants with milky white drooping flowers called snowdrops - the first messengers of the approaching spring. In scientific terminology, the name of this plant consists of Latinized Greek words, which can literally be translated as "milk flower", that is, it comes purely from the color of flowers. As for the common term "snowdrop", it is not difficult to guess, associated with early flowering of the plant.

When snowdrops bloom? Their very name suggests that these flowers appear even before the last snow melts. When exactly this happens depends mainly on the climatic zone. So, white bells can appear both in early spring, most often, early March - early Apriland at the beginning of winter, that is, in December-January (which is typical, of course, for regions with a warm climate and mild winters).

Snowdrops are extremely attractive flowers. That is why, soon after, when the snowdrops bloom, they are massively cut and sent for sale (in addition, the time of their flowering approximately coincides with the holiday on March 8). Fortunately, lately control over the destruction of these primroses has been tightened, so every year fewer plants go on sale. Perhaps, after a while, the wonderful snowdrops, the first messengers of spring, will nevertheless come out of the threat of extinction.

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