Popular varieties of apple trees with photos and their zoning

Popular varieties of apple trees with photos and their zoning

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In the European part of the globe, the apple tree is considered the most popular garden tree, since the climate in this part of the planet is temperate continental, which is one of the decisive factors in the growth of this plant. Some of them came to us from antiquity, while others appeared relatively recently, breeders are working hard on breeding the third, more winter-hardy and resistant to pest damage.


  • The chemical composition of apples
  • The most popular varieties of apple trees
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Apple catalogs are very popular. Below you will be presented with the most famous varieties of this amazing fruit.

The chemical composition of apples

Any of the specially bred or wild-growing varieties of apple trees has its own unique external and taste characteristics. In addition, they differ in chemical composition, which directly depends on the conditions of its growth and varietal characteristics. It is these factors that help determine the use of apples.

Fresh apples are a real bomb, consisting of a huge amount of vitamins and the most important chemical elements for humans. Everyone knows that the apple contains iron, which is necessary for a person to regulate blood circulation and some other vital systems.

The other ingredients of an apple are, of course, water and minerals.

The most popular varieties of apple trees

Each apple variety is unique in its own way, has its own specific and taste characteristics.
The list, which includes the most popular varieties of apple trees with attached photos, can be found in any specialized store.

And it is these apples, known since childhood, that remain the most popular: Kitayka, Streyfling, Anis, Antonovka ordinary, Paradise, Moscow Grushovka, White filling, Ranetki. An apple tree of at least one of these varieties can be easily found on almost any personal plot.

Paradise apples

In the southern regions, where winters are milder, Paradise apples are more widespread, giving small fruits that have a fairly dense, incredibly sweet and aromatic pulp. The name "Paradise" was given to them because this tree is fabulously beautiful from spring to autumn.

There is a bushy form of the Paradise Apple tree. It is distinguished by thin, weak shoots, with heavily pubescent leaves. It propagates well by cuttings. This apple tree includes many species and forms, which, having a bright color of flowers (from white to red) and fruits, often perform a decorative function. The most spectacular are varieties and forms that have double flowers, but just like most double-flowered flowers, they are often sterile.

Such trees do not tolerate severe frosts, which is why it is difficult to meet them in regions with a harsh northern climate.

Chinese woman

Central and Eastern Siberia is perfect for growing Kitayka, an unpretentious and high-yielding apple tree. It is believed that the homeland of this variety is China, which is why it was given such a name. This species is characterized by small, egg-shaped fruits.

The choice of varieties Kitayka, alas, does not differ in variety: Kitayka early, Kerr and Long. This apple variety is very fruitful, drought-resistant, has low shedding and scab resistance.

The special, slightly astringent taste of Kitayka makes it possible not only to use them raw and prepare jams, jams, marmalades, pickles and marinades, but also to get excellent wine and cider from them. Also, this variety can be used for decorative purposes.


Far East, Ural, Altai, Krasnoyarsk - it is on this territory that the Ranetki variety reigns, having small sweet fruits rich in a huge amount of vitamins and having a sweet and sour taste. This species was obtained by crossing the Siberika variety with European large-fruited varieties.

Ranetki have excellent frost resistance and good recovery ability after freezing. Of all types of apple trees, this variety is the most unpretentious, since it can grow on not very fertile soil and does not require careful maintenance.

However, breeders are constantly studying old varieties of apple trees, importing exotic ones and breeding completely new unique varieties that are distinguished by much better qualities, high yields and additional resistance to diseases.

Keep in mind that the apple tree is a demanding plant that needs proper care in the form of watering, pest control and pruning. Only if all of the above is observed, you can count on a high and high-quality harvest.

The description of apple varieties will help you choose the right type of this amazing plant in order to provide yourself with delicious apples for the whole year.

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