Astilba varieties in the photo. Growing astilba

Astilba varieties in the photo. Growing astilba

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Astilba is a perennial that does not need a lot of light. She is often chosen to decorate shady part of the garden... If you look astilba varieties in the photo, then at first glance, they differ only in color. Small graceful flowers are collected in panicle inflorescences can be pink, white, red, purple. But in fact, there are about 200 varieties of it, differing not only in flowers, but also in leaves, and the length of the inflorescences and the height of the plant itself. More often than others, varieties that are resistant to diseases are used in floriculture: Brands astilbe, Chinese, Korean, Japanese astilbe, Thunberg astilbe and some others.

No matter how the astilbe varieties look in the photo, they remain unpretentious garden perennials. They prefer humus-rich soils with a close occurrence of groundwater and a semi-shaded place. If you plant astilba in a sunny place, you will need abundant watering and mulching of the soil. The plant has a dense rhizome and, growing, drowns out weeds, so weeding is required only for very young plants. Astilba with good care retains decorativeness for 5-6 years, and then the bush must be divided.

In cold winters with little snow, the bushes of this plant often freeze, therefore, for the winter they are covered with spruce branches, dry leaves, covering material. Astilba propagates by seeds and dividing the bush. The division is carried out in the spring, and seeds are sown in February in seedling boxes, spread out over the surface of the soil and covered with glass. The soil in this mini-greenhouse needs to be moistened by spraying. After 2-3 weeks, shoots will appear, when they have several real leaves, they are planted in separate containers, and at the end of May - in the ground.

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