Hyacinth care mix

Hyacinth care mix

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Hyacinth mix - a mixture of flowers that differ in color, petal shape and size. Hyacinth mix is bulbous perennial... This flower is distinguished by a variety of forms and varieties, bright colors, delicate and strong aroma.

There are 7 groups of hyacinth flowers mix by color: white, yellow, blue, lilac, orange, pink, red. The color of the flower determines the color of the bulb. White flowers have a light gray, lilac and pink - lilac, yellow - cream, purple and blue - purple bulb. With the help of hyacinth mix, you can create beautiful compositions at home and in flower beds.

Hyacinth care mix is to choose fertile and sheltered from the wind plot. Landing is carried out in September to a depth of 15 centimeters. The garden is closed for the winter bark, humus, spruce branches, peat or dry leaves. In the spring they spend loosening and weeding, and watering. Hyacinth care mix includes application fertilizers after leaf formation and during flowering. The plant prefers average humidity, sufficient watering and diffused light.

Hyacinth mix is ​​also grown at home. It is planted in low pots so that one third of the bulb was above the ground... After the bulb has germinated, the pot is transferred to a cold place for two weeks and then returned to a warm place where the plant can remain until flowering.

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