Are cherries a berry or a fruit?

Are cherries a berry or a fruit?

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Such a dietary and valuable product as cherries has many good properties. Cherry decoction is drunk for hepatitis, bronchitis, tracheitis and colds. Ulcers, rheumatism, poisoning, anemia and even cardiovascular diseases - cherry has its therapeutic and prophylactic effect in any of these diseases.


  • How does a cherry grow and look?
  • Berry or fruit - that is the question
  • So what is a fruit, and what is its use
  • Fruit in botany
  • Fruit in the kitchen
  • What is a berry?

How does a cherry grow and look?

The Black Sea Crimean and Caucasian coast is the birthplace of cherry. Getting there from Rome, it spread throughout Europe. In Germany, already in 1569, a collection in the field of medicine "The Garden of Health" was published. In it, a whole article was devoted to cherries. There are about 130 species of cherry in the genus. And if we use it most often in the kitchen, in medicine, referring to its medicinal properties, then, for example, in China, Japan or the Far East, this fruit is more decorative. Ordinary cherry is frost-resistant, and the height of the tree can reach seven meters. Drupes of light red color - these are the fruits of the cherry. Its structure is similar to the fruits of a plum. Each fruit gives a refreshing and pleasant sweet and sour taste. The common cherry is now very extensive.

There are a lot of useful substances in the cherry pulp. These are trace elements, minerals, pectins, organic acids, vitamins and sugars. Cherry pits do not go to waste either. They are very useful and get fat and essential oils from them. The same applies to the bark - it contains a lot of tannins.

Berry or fruit - that is the question

We have become accustomed to this fruit since childhood. As soon as red berries appeared on the tree, run to climb on a branch and gorge themselves. It became part of childhood, and now - memories. But, enjoying the pleasant and unforgettable taste of sour cherries, we do not always think about one question.

Are cherries a berry or a fruit? Many of us have been asking this question since childhood, and few people know the correct answer to it. Let's try to answer and start from the very beginning.

To begin with, it is worth determining that the cherry is, first of all, the fruit of the cherry plant. And the fruits are: pome fruits (apples, for example), nut-bearing, subtropical and tropical, berries and stone fruits, which include cherries. That is, from this division it is clear that a cherry is not a berry. But let's turn to the definitions of berries and fruits.

So what is a fruit, and what is its use?

Usually, a fruit is called a fruit that consists of seeds and pulp, which has formed in a flower ovary. They are juicy, usually edible. They grow on a tree or bush. Botanists believe that all fruits that contain seeds can be called fruit. For humans, fruits are an important food component. They play a huge role in human nutrition. From five to ten percent of sugars and a number of organic acids - these useful substances we find in fruits.

It is hard to imagine human life without fruit. After all, they are the most important source of vitamins for the human body.

Their main advantage over vegetables is that, most often, all of them can be consumed ready-made, without giving in to chemical or heat treatment, which means that they will reach the human body with a minimum of loss of life-giving substances.

Fruit in botany

If you look at botany, then there, the term "fruit" refers to the ripe fruit along with the seeds with which the plant spreads its seeds. Fruits are divided into three classes: fleshy fruits (apples, oranges and berries), stone fruits (cherries, plums), and dry fruits (nuts, peas). From here it becomes clear that cherries are a fruit.

Fruit in the kitchen

In cooking, however, fruit is usually understood as food - the fruits of plants that have pulp and have a sweet taste. And here many questions arise at once. For example, from the point of view of botany, zucchini is a fruit, but in cooking it is a vegetable ... And a cherry is a berry. And in agriculture, it is considered to be a berry, since the cherry is small in size. Peaches, pears are fruits, and cherries, cherries, mountain ash, irga are berries.

What is a berry?

The berry, as it was written above, is also a multi-seeded fruit that develops from the ovary so that the exocarp turns into a thin film during ripening (grapes, blueberries, lingonberries). But, cherries do not have seeds, but they have a seed. So cherry is not a berry?

There is another opinion about what cherry is - everyday. So it is generally accepted in our country that everything that grows on trees is called fruits, and what shrubs and herbaceous plants give - berries.

It was not possible to give an exact definition of what a cherry is - a berry or a fruit, since there are many opinions on this matter. But if you accept the scientific explanation, then of course, cherry is a stone fruit, although it is traditionally accepted to call a cherry a berry.

But, I must say, from whether it is a fruit or a berry, nothing will change. Our children will continue to sit on cherry branches for days, gorging themselves on delicious fruits, and we will continue to make wonderful cherry jam, decoctions, compotes, or simply enjoy the taste of fresh and delicately sweet cherries.

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