The use of pine buds

The use of pine buds

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The use of pine buds plays a huge role in alternative medicine recipes. Pine buds in the form of a decoction have expectorant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The composition of pine buds is extensive. They contain tannins, essential oils, ascorbic acid, starch, resin, bitter substances, phytoncides and carotene.

Pine buds are often a constituent pectoral herbal preparationsin. Decoctions, honey and infusions are prepared from the kidneys.

The broth is easy to prepare at home with the availability of raw materials. It is important to respect the proportions, according to which 10 g of kidneys will require no more than 200 g of water.

The use of pine buds is most effective in cases of upper respiratory tract disease. They are also used to get rid of following ailments:

  • for angina with pine buds, inhalations and rinsing are done;
  • kidneys are indispensable for acute respiratory diseases and chronic tonsillitis;
  • with chronic bronchitis and cough;
  • urolithiasis, with the exception of inflammation in the renal parenchyma;
  • pulmonary diseases characterized by viscous and putrid sputum.

Pine buds and other preparations based on conifers contraindicated for internal use in nephritis and diseases of the intestines and stomach.

If you have a need to use preparations from pine buds, then make an appointment with a doctor beforehand and get his approval and recommendations for the correct use of the natural preparation. This will allow you to get the desired effect from therapy and protect yourself from unpleasant complications.

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