Garden Tradescantia

Garden Tradescantia

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Looking for a beautiful new plant for your garden? Then garden tradescantia deserves your attention, because she is really a worthy inhabitant of the garden, who will attract attention to herself with her beauty and grace.

Garden Tradescantia is a perennial that forms a rather dense bush. This type of tradescantia in nature happens with blue or blue flowers, which quickly fade, but new ones constantly grow in their place.

To grow garden tradescantia, you need to choose a moist and well-fertilized plot of land that is located in the sun or in partial shade... Although the flowers of this plant are not durable, nevertheless, thanks to partial shade, they will last longer. Drought has a detrimental effect on Tradescantia, it can stop blooming. In extremely dry periods, it is helpful to spray the plant. The plant will respond to you with gratitude for such moist care.

In order for the plant to develop much better, it is necessary to fertilize it. It is worth carrying out the first feeding in the spring, when the earth is already warming up. Mineral fertilizers are used, which are embedded to a depth of 6-8 cm into the soil. With the onset of flowering, it is necessary to carry out regular feedingand using some liquid fertilizer like Kemira. Fertilizers must be introduced once every 10 days.

If you want to get a very beautiful and grateful plant, then pay a little attention to it, and it will definitely answer you with abundant flowering. Please your garden with such a beautiful inhabitant, and it will sparkle with new colors.

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