Properties of linden flowers used in traditional medicine

Properties of linden flowers used in traditional medicine

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Linden is magnificent for its appearance, longevity and gifts that people have enjoyed for many centuries. Linden flower properties have long been known for their tremendous healing effects.

The linden tree itself reaches a height of up to 30 meters, lives for 300 - 400 years, standing out among other trees with a slender trunk covered with olive or red-brown bark and a beautiful dense crown. Linden begins to bloom from the age of twenty in natural conditions, in plantations - only from 30 years.

For medicinal purposes in linden all parts find usefrom flowers and leaves to buds, bark and seeds. The properties of linden flowers allow us to call them the richest source of nectar.

In warm weather, the collection of flowers with bracts lasts about 10 days, in cool weather - 15. It is impossible to dry flowers in the sun. The finished raw material has an aromatic smell, a sweetish and slightly astringent taste. Dry linden color contains tannins, carotene, glycosides, vitamin C, phytoncides, traces of essential oil. It is the farnesol alcohol, which is part of the essential oil, gives a pleasant scent to linden flowers.

The properties of linden flowers have long been used in the manufacture of ancient effective remedies for colds. In addition, linden blossom is a strong anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, sedative, bactericidal, antispasmodic, choleretic, analgesic agent. Preparations, which include linden blossom, improve digestion, poultices from them are used for rheumatism of the joints, gout. Steamed linden flowers in the form of gruel make compresses for hemorrhoids.

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