Physalis decorative - amazingly beautiful plant

Physalis decorative - amazingly beautiful plant

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Unusual bright orange color, the ability to retain shape and color for many months makes physalis decorative one of the most amazing plants, there is some kind of fabulousness in this plant. Moreover, this plant is revered for its uniqueness in many countries of the world, it serves as an attribute of the Christmas and New Year holidays, along with Christmas trees and holiday gifts.

No less delight among amateur gardeners is the fact that decorative physalis is quite realistic to grow on your site, and without much effort.Physalis belongs to the nightshade family, is a "relative" of pepper, potatoes and tomatoes. The plant tolerates winter well.

What is physalis?

Physalis decorative - perennial herb... Its stem is straight, it reaches a height of up to half a meter. The flowering of decorative physalis is not particularly attractive to itself; the cup that grows around the set fruit, reminiscent of an extremely bright, orange with a red tint, a large flashlight, is of interest. On one plant, there can be up to 15 such flashlights. Physalis berry is small, edible, has a pleasant taste and aroma.

Physalis decorative is used, as a rule, for composing compositions from dried flowers.

You can propagate decorative physalis:

  • seeds,
  • vegetatively - cuttings.

The plant is quite unpretentious, grows in well-lit areas and in the shade. Physalis is undemanding to soil and watering, it can grow independently in the adjacent territories.

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