Growing crocuses and caring for them

Growing crocuses and caring for them

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Growing crocuses and caring for them is not difficult. These are beautiful primroses, which are among the first to bloom in our gardens, they look great under the trees that have not yet blossomed, in the foreground of flower beds, when they bloom profusely on their own.

Crocus - undersized, tuberous, stemless plant up to 13 cm, flowers appear in April, when there is still snow, before tulips, but after snowdrops. Crocuses do not bloom for long, only ten days, some species can bloom in autumn. Crocuses are distinguished by high frost resistance, perfectly tolerate spring frosts. Crocus flowers can be of a wide variety of colors and blue and yellow and lilac and purple and even striped and spotted.

Growing crocuses and caring for them

- for crocuses, you need to choose lighted and dry places;

- the soil must be nutritious, drained and light, soils fertilized with manure and waterlogged are completely unsuitable;

- before planting the bulbs, you need to dig the soil and apply special fertilizers for bulbs or compost;

- the first feeding of crocuses should be done in early spring, when the snow is still lying, that is, a mixture of humus, a spoonful of nitrophoska and three tablespoons of wood ash is scattered onto the surface of the snow. The second feeding is carried out in the fall, before the autumn crocuses bloom, for this you can use purchased fertilizers, for example, Agricola;

- it is necessary to loosen, weed and water the ground near the crocuses;

- in order that the flowers do not become smaller, it is advisable to replant crocuses every three years;

- bulb mites, aphids and mice can pose a danger to crocuses, therefore, the condition of the plants should be monitored, if pests appear, then it is necessary to spray with an appropriate preparation.

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