Bougainvillea in the photo amazes with a variety of colors

Bougainvillea in the photo amazes with a variety of colors

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Bougainvillea comes from Brazil, although it is named after the French navigator Louis Antoine de Bougainville. This plant was discovered not by De Bougainville himself, but by the naturalist Karnerson, who circumnavigated the world with him.

It grows in the historical homeland of bougainvillea in humid tropical forests, belongs to the family of nocturnal plants. In the wild, there are about 14 species of this shrub.

Bougainvillea in the photo very bright, immediately attracts attention. Many people think that bougainvillea flowers are varied in color, however, its flowers are small, white, not particularly prominent. Brightness to bougainvillea bushes is given by three bracts, which are exactly what they are painted in white, orange, yellow, brick, bright pink colors.

Moreover, in wild species, bracts are mainly painted in bright purple tones. And the multicolor that bougainvillea demonstrates in the photo appeared thanks to selection work.

When deciding to grow bougainvillea, think carefully about whether you are able to provide the plant with maximum light and sun. In winter, on the contrary, bougainvillea must be kept cool and irrigated so that the earthy clod does not dry out, i.e. watering is rather scarce.

An adult plant in indoor conditions can bloom all spring and autumn, pleasing the eye. In preparation for wintering, the ends of the stems are cut off and watering is reduced.

Sometimes bougainvillea can shed all the foliage. If this is not associated with a disease, then with good lighting and an abundance of sunlight, your plant will very quickly give new side shoots and overgrow with new foliage.

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