Planting and caring for actinidia

Planting and caring for actinidia

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Actinidia is a perennial deciduous vine. From the genus actinidia, we are familiar with kiwi.

Planting and caring for actinidia should be carried out with the expectation that this plant will settle in your garden for a long time, because actinidia can bear fruit for more than 30 years. Therefore, planting must be thought out so that there is a convenient approach to the plant in the future.

Since actinidia is a vine, it must be provided with a strong, reliable support in the garden. As a support, actinidia is a fence, fence or roof of a house, along which it will crawl up.

It should also be taken into account, next to which trees actinidia will successfully develop and grow, and which plants are not suitable for her neighbors. So it was found that the proximity of actinidia with apple trees is unfavorable, and currant bushes, on the contrary, will appeal to liana.

Caring for actinidia should not include deep digging of the earth around the vine, shallow loosening is allowed. The soil for actinidia should not be excessively clayey with a close passage of groundwater. It needs a well-drained soil to grow successfully. To ensure the outflow of water, vines can be planted on hills and slopes, where water will drain naturally, avoiding stagnation at the roots.

Actinidia are planted at 2-4 years of age in early spring at a distance of 2 m from each other. A drainage layer is necessarily poured at the bottom of the pit for planting: expanded clay, broken brick or stones, organic fertilizers are applied. Then watered abundantly, water consumption 2-3 buckets for each plant. Fertilizers containing lime and potassium chloride are not recommended.

Care consists of dressing, watering, shallow loosening and thinning. For the winter, liana shelter is not required. You cannot cut off actinidia, this inhibits its growth, weakens and can even lead to death.

Proper planting and caring for actinidia will allow you to grow this interesting plant on your site.

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