Sowing lobelia seedlings

Sowing lobelia seedlings

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Lobelia is an annual creeping plant with drooping stems. Small flowers blue with whitish centers or sapphire color. Plant height is about twenty centimeters.

Lobelia grows slowly. The plant loves sunny places, prefers drained and moist soil. I use Lobelia as decorative purposes for landscaping balconies, gazebos, flower beds.

Sowing lobelia seedlings carried out with the help seeds. Seeds are sown in special trays superficially, do not sprinkle with earth. Then the seed tray is covered with polyethylene or glass. Periodically the crops are aired. Sowing lobelia seedlings begin from the beginning of February... The first shoots appear in two weeks. The trays can be rearranged in a sunny place. Seedlings need to be watered very carefully, it is advisable to leave the top layer of the soil dry... There should be enough moisture, but there should be no excess (excess moisture causes a "black leg").

After the appearance of the first leaves, lobelia can be seated in separate pots. Several plants can be dived into each pot. The plant is planted in open ground after the end of frost, when the soil warms up. The plant is periodically fed. After three weeks, the stem can be pinch for better branching. After the first flowering, shoots can be prune for the development of a lush basket.

Growing lobelia is not difficult if all the above recommendations are followed. Lobelia will perfectly decorate and diversify your plot or balcony.

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