Volzhanka plant in your garden

Volzhanka plant in your garden

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Volzhanka or otherwise Aruncus belongs to the Rosaceae family and has about 12 species. The literal translation of the plant's name means "goat beard", which resembles the shape of Volzhanka inflorescences.

Volzhanka plant - a large perennial with double or triple feathery leaves, resembles large species of astilba. Volzhanka blooms with small white flowers, collected in paniculate inflorescences, reaching a length of 20-60 cm.

To successfully grow aruncus on your site, you need to find him shady place in the garden, as in the bright sun the plants quickly fade.

Volzhanka does not have special requirements for soils, it can adapt to any soil conditions, the main thing is that the land is well hydrated and fertile. Volzhanka belongs to winter-hardy plants.

Aruncus looks good in shady flower beds as a background plant. This plant looks advantageous in groups on lawns or in mixed flower beds, on the banks of reservoirs. After the cessation of flowering, Aruncus does not lose its decorative properties due to its beautiful cut foliage. Astilba, delphiniums and Volzhanka planted nearby create a very beautiful ensemble.

It must be remembered that the Volzhanka plant requires a well-moistened soil, therefore, in dry times, it needs abundant watering. Water consumption per adult plant should be 3-4 buckets.

In order to prevent excessive thickening of the bush and crushing of flowers, at the age of 5-6 years, the aruncus is transplanted by cutting the rhizomes into pieces. Plants must be planted at a distance of 50 cm from each other.

Volzhanka also readily reproduces by cuttings. Young green tops of the shoots are taken on the cuttings. Rooting takes place successfully during the summer months.

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