Caring for room acid is simple

Caring for room acid is simple

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Kislitsa attracts with its extraordinary beauty. Strikes the eye with its "airiness". She has two popular names: "clover of happiness" and "hare cabbage".

Since ancient times, the Indians have been cultivating sour cherry and eating it. Caring for room acid does not require much effort.

There are many types of this plant. Perennial and annual. Depending on the species, the root system is different: tubers, bulbs and rhizomes. Some species fold the leaves before rain, at night, and in bright sunlight.

Room sour care

Preferably brightly lit place with diffused sunlight... It tolerates shade normally, but the attractiveness of the leaves is lost in a very dark place. Direct sunlight causes burns.

Does not require the creation of a special temperature regime... Grows well at room temperature. In winter, it should be at least 16 - 18 degrees with a plus sign. And those species in which the ground part dies off during the wintering period, it is better to determine in a room with a temperature of 12-14 degrees Celsius.

In summer, it requires abundant watering. At the same time, stagnation of water in the pot should not be allowed, since oxalis is very sensitive to it. Better not to top up than overflow. In autumn, watering is gradually reduced, and in winter, the soil is kept in a slightly moist state. Some species go dormant in winter. They should be located in a cool place and stop watering. And when the first shoots appear, transplant it into a new land. Flowering will begin in 1 - 1.5 months.

For feeding use mineral fertilizers in the phase of active growth.

Soil for acidic soil: sod and deciduous land, humus and sand are taken in equal shares. Place pebbles at the bottom so that the roots do not rot. Young plants are transplanted every year, and then after 2-3 years.

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