Useful properties of daikon

Useful properties of daikon

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Daikon - a large root vegetable that does not contain mustard oil, has a pleasant aroma, similar to our radish, but with a milder taste.

The beneficial properties of daikon are varied.... The vegetable is low-calorie, and its three hundred grams will cover the daily requirement of the human body in a dose of vitamin C. The vegetable helps to remove toxins and substances from the body, due to the potassium salt it contains. Daikon is rich in B vitamins, minerals (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron), B-carotene, which strengthens the immune system. The root vegetable also contains phytoncides, which act as bacteriostatic and bactericidal substances, which helps to protect the human body from diseases, improve digestion.

Raw daikon helps to remove radioactive substances, cholesterol, strengthen cardiovascular diseases, and help with diabetes. Outwardly, daikon can be used in the form of compresses as a means of promoting wound healing, as well as helping to remove freckles and strengthen hair.

Daikon should not be abused by people with peptic ulcers, gastritis, gout, and liver and kidney problems.

The beneficial properties of daikon push many gardeners to grow them in their area, and the plant is very unpretentious. It is better to sow the plants in July so that the fruits develop well and prevent the flowering of the plant. Fertilizers must be applied to the soil before sowing. After the emergence of shoots and when at least three true leaves grow on them, they need to be thinned out and then regularly loosened the soil, water and remove weeds. If the soil is fertile, good, then the daikon can no longer be fertilized. It is necessary to harvest the daikon in dry weather, for better preservation, the tops are immediately cut off, the fruits are placed in boxes, bags or bags of sand and left in a room where the temperature is no higher than six degrees.

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