The better planting parsley in spring

The better planting parsley in spring

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Parsley - the plant is unpretentious and takes root both in the beds and in pots on the balcony. And on any personal plot there is a piece of land where parsley turns green.

Parsley is sown both in autumn and spring. But when planting parsley in the fall, there is a risk that it will germinate before frost, and then, accordingly, die... therefore planting parsley in spring more preferred by gardeners.

Planting and caring for parsley

Planting parsley in spring is similar to planting carrots. Therefore, the preparation of the soil, and the germination of seeds, and the care of the greenery are the same.

  • Parsley loves loose soil in an open, bright place. Prepare the soil for sowing parsley should be in the fall. The best predecessors are potatoes, early cabbage and cucumbers. Having dug up the ground, you need to bring peat and humus, but it is not recommended to fertilize the soil with manure.
  • Planting parsley in the spring should be sprouted hardened seedssince dry seeds will swell in the ground for a long time and will not sprout for a long time. The plant is sown in early spring - late April, to a depth of 2.5 centimeters. And in 10-14 days shoots will appear.
  • Care for parsley is very simple. The plant follows twice feed nitrate and superphosphate. Twice thin out beds. Watering should be moderate. Weeding as weeds grow.
  • Harvesting occurs gradually - as the parsley grows. The plant can be dried, frozen and preserved.

It should be remembered that parsley perfectly accumulates nitrates in itself. Therefore, top dressing should be without nitrogen fertilizers.

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