Raspberry leaves during pregnancy

Raspberry leaves during pregnancy

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Raspberries are grown in almost every garden plot. And they use not only tasty and healthy berries, but also raspberry leaves... Everyone knows that they help with colds... This also applies to raspberries. Raspberry leaves during pregnancy can provoke a miscarriage, especially in the initial stages.

If you catch a cold while pregnant, it is better to use other herbs for treatment. But you can eat raspberry jam and fresh berries. Fresh berries reduce nausea, constipation and swelling. Only the leaves are harmful. Just before childbirth, they have a different effect. It is believed that raspberry leaves during pregnancy are capable of prepare the uterus for childbirth. In order not to prematurely induce the process of childbirth, it is recommended to take raspberry leaves only eight weeks before childbirth and, of course, under the guidance of a doctor. These leaves will be especially useful when walking around. They relax the ligaments around the birth canal, cause uterine contractions, accelerate labor.

Dill, lavender, aloe, nettle, chamomile flowers have a similar effect. If you are taking raspberry leaves or any of these plants, tell your doctor about any new and incomprehensible sensations. And never use folk remedies, having learned about them from hearsay or from the Internet. A pregnant woman should always consult your gynecologist first.

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