Sowing black onions

Sowing black onions

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Not everyone manages to grow onions from seeds. For sowing onions, nigella use only 1-2 summer seeds... Timing sowing black onions can be shortened by preparing seeds in the fall: by pasting them on sheets of paper.

You will need:

  • toilet paper;
  • flour paste;
  • syringe;

Next, drip a paste on each seed, placing the seeds at a distance 3-4 cm from each other in a checkerboard pattern. Now roll up the paper and put it in a dry, warm place until spring. When sowing, the strips are laid down with the seeds and watered to dissolve the paper in the soil.

Unfortunately, onions from seeds sprout and grow very slowly, but you can help it by systematically weeding the beds from weeds, watering and fertilizing with a solution of saltpeter.

If there are signs of the presence of the main enemy of the bow - onion fly, you need to water the garden brine, otherwise this pest will eat everything to the roots. In some cases, various pesticides are used.

To prevent the onion from getting sick, you need to process it acrobat or ridomil.

If you want to get the seeds of your favorite onion variety, plant it in late autumn and cover it with leaves. The next summer, the bow will shoot arrows and you can stock up on seeds for a couple more seasons.

Go for it, and you will definitely succeed: the main thing is to get your hands on it.

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